Turn On YouTube Restrictions in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members logging on as a Parent in the iOS app

Article type: Optional steps

YouTube Access

From a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Family Zone app
  2. In Family, tap on your Child's name
  3. Go down the screen
  4. Tap Internet filters & rules
  5. Tap Web categories to open the menu
  6. Go down the menu
  7. Tap Search and streaming media
  8. Tap Done
  9. Go down the menu to YouTube
  10. Under General YouTube Access
    Tap to allow (blue) or prevent (red) access during Play, Study, School, or Sleep
    Repeat for Mature YouTube Access

The cyber safety settings are applied to all Children in this Age Profile. Repeat these steps for Children in other age groups.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube Restricted Mode?

Our Safe YouTube feature allows you to apply Google’s YouTube restrictions to block adult and un-rated material from the world’s most popular streaming service.  Google restrictions aren’t perfect, however they are strict making this setting suitable for younger users. YouTube Restricted Mode allows child-friendly videos (for ages 13 years old and under) to be accessed.

How does YouTube Restricted Mode work? 

There are two ways a video can be unblocked when YouTube Restricted Mode is turned on:

  • YouTube’s automated system scans the video title, text descriptions, and the language used in the video
  • Age restrictions are set by human reviewers or the video producer

My kids complain that they can’t access things on YouTube. Can I fix this?

YouTube Restrictions block a child from accessing adult and/or un-rated material. 

Unrated videos or videos rated for adults will be blocked by YouTube's “restricted mode”. For example, videos uploaded by your child's friends will not automatically be viewable by your children because the video has not been rated.

More information on YouTube's age restrictions is available from Google.

Can I see unrated videos and block restricted content on YouTube?


My kids complain that they can’t access videos embedded in other websites, why not?

YouTube videos embedded in other websites and set as categorized are blocked by the YouTube restrictions. Use the steps above to edit the Internet filters & rules to allow more access if you feel it is appropriate.

My kid is being bullied through YouTube, what do I do?

You can report abuse to YouTube.

Why can I still see inappropriate content when Restricted Mode is turned on?

YouTube’s automated system sometimes makes mistakes when assessing which videos to permit in YouTube Restricted Mode. 

If you find any inappropriate content on YouTube, you will be able to report it directly in the YouTube App or video's web page.