Website Access


Troubleshooting Reporting a Website Category
How can I troubleshoot a website rating or category I do not agree with? Insights and Premium Members can find more information on how websites are rated for cyber safety for age groups.
Troubleshooting Access to Apps and Websites
What steps do you take to troubleshoot why a website is blocked? Premium Members can resolve blocked websites by checking the device settings, website category, and allowed access for the time of day.
Troubleshooting Blocked from Approved Website
Why can't your child access a website you approve? Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot a child being blocked from accessing a website you want to allow them to access.
Troubleshooting Videos and Images Not Loading
Your Child cannot see some of the videos and images inside a website. Premium Members can troubleshoot why the visual content is blocked and even see if it's coming from somewhere else on the web.
Troubleshooting Child is Accessing Inappropriate Websites
How can you prevent your child from accessing inappropriate websites? Premium Members use these steps to allow, block or limit a child's access to online content they don't want the child looking at.