Family and Parent Access Guide

Applies to: Family Zone users in Australia and New Zealand

Types of Family Zone Users 

With Family Zone, your children won’t miss out on the online fun and learning that’s so much a part of their lives. They’ll simply be shielded from risks and potential harms.

Parent - A guardian who is monitoring a Child's online safety

Child - A person with web-connected Devices monitored by a Parent

Overview of Parent Users

Three types of Parent Users can be set up from a Parent's iOS or Android phone or tablet.

  • Primary Parent is the first parent, guardian or caregiver to sign up (required)
    Can be an Insights or Premium Subscriber

  • Parents (or guardians) in the home (optional)
    Are added by the Primary Parent and can manage Children in the Family

  • Shared Parents (any guardian) in another home (optional)
    A parent, guardian or caregiver with their own, separate Insights or Premium Subscription

Overview of Child Users

Children are added by a Parent from the Parent's Connect App.

  • A Child is a Device Owner of phones, tablets, computers, and devices monitored by Family Zone Connect

  • A Child starts with an automatic Age Profile to match them to age-appropriate online content

  • A Premium Subscriber's Child gets a recommended daily Routine and Calendar to manage screen time access

  • The Primary Parent can add a Shared Parent to a Child's User who needs to be monitored in another home

Your Parent Options

Cyber safety can be complicated, but protecting your family is simple.

Install the Connect App on a Parent's iOS or Android phone or tablet to get started. You will be signed up as the Primary Parent and take control of your Family's settings.

During the install process:

Your Child and Their Devices

A Child User's Devices are monitored. You add your Child from your Connect App

Every device is protected everywhere. Manage what they see. Manage when they see it.

Add a Device to your monitoring by installing Family Zone Connect on your Child's phone, tablet or computer. Family Zone lives on your Child’s Devices to keep them safe and responsible no matter where they go or what network they connect to.

During the install process, you will be asked to assign the Device to your Child. The web activity is monitored based on the Device Owner's Age Profile (age group). Parents can change the Device Owner to a different Child or Parent Family member.

Know What Users' Devices Are Accessing

Keep your Child safe and responsible no matter where they go, or what network they connect to. Family Zone sends Red Alerts to a Parent's Connect App if your Child's phone, tablet or computer is used to access inappropriate online content. Parent Users can view Recent Activity, Insights, and Snapshots on their phone or tablet. 

Linking to Your Child's School

Family Zone works seamlessly with school filtering. School Community is available from selected schools in the US and Australia. Parents are invited by the participating school link monitoring and reporting on their Child's Devices to the School. 

Special User Profiles

Guardians of adults can monitor the online activity on your Family's Devices. Adults can be set up with a Child Age Profile or created as special users

  • Young Adult (18-20)
    Light level of monitoring. Web activity is visible in reports. Allows less restrictive access to Devices shared with a younger Child in the home.
    Premium Members:
    Default Calendar is all Rest Days
    Default Routine is Sleep and Play (School and Study can be added by a Parent)
    Change a Calendar Day or Daily Routine

  • Adults (21+)
    Least restrictive monitoring. Web activity is visible in Insights on-demand and weekly reports. Allows tutors, home office staff or adult family members to use Devices shared with a younger Child in the home.
    Premium Members:
    Default Calendar is all Rest Days
    Default Routine is Sleep and Play (only Sleep and Play is available and can be edited by a Parent)

  • A person under 18 years old set up as an Adult
    Unfiltered User. A person under 18 can be added as Parent. Allows a caregiver or babysitter to monitor your Child's online activity.
    Premium Members:
    Can edit Family Calendars and Routines
    Can grant changes to Play time or allow access to blocked websites

Family Zone Box Special Users

In Australia and New Zealand, protect and manage every device connected to your home WiFi. In addition to the default Users available in all Family Zone products, special users can be added to the Family Zone Box.

  • Guest (Australia and New Zealand)
    Very cautious level of web content monitoring. Default profile for a Device signed into the Family Zone Box until a Parent assigns the Device to a Family User.
    Connect Phones, Tablets, and Laptops to Your Box
    Remove a Guest or Duplicate Device from Your Box

  • A Device as a User (Australia and New Zealand)
    Flexible level of monitoring.
    Premium Members:
    Select the Age Profile of the youngest Child sharing the Device to filter web content
    Change the Calendar and daily Routine to limit the hours the Device connects to the internet
    A Parent can remotely turn the Device's internet access on or off from the Connect App on their phone or tablet
    Connect a Gaming or Media Device to Your Box
    Turn On or Approve a Time Change

  • Safety Net (Australia and New Zealand)
    Conservative level of web content monitoring. Default profile when a visiting Child's Device connects to the Family Zone Box.
    When the visiting Child's Family is a Premium Subscriber:
    Compares and applies the most cautious filters based on the visiting Child's Family rules.

As an existing Insights or Premium Member you know when and what your Child is accessing online. Current Premium memberships are supported through to June 2023.