Updated Articles

  1. Family Zone Box Money Back Guarantee (Australia and New Zealand)

    What are the terms of the Family Zone Box money back guarantee? Australian or New Zealand residents can return a Family Zone Box within 30-days of purchase for a refund. See the detailed terms here.
  2. Install Filter-Only on a School Managed iOS Device

    How do you install Connect on a school managed iOS Device? Family Zone detects the School's Mobile Device Management (MDM) and offers you a Filter-Only mode on your Child's iPad or iPad.
  3. App Store Subscriptions

    How do you buy or cancel a Premium subscription through your Apple iOS device? Use the App Store and your iTunes account to add Premium features or downgrade to the Insights membership.
  4. Troubleshooting Device Not Filtered

    What steps do you take when you see a message that a Child's device is not filtered? Premium Members use these tips to troubleshoot cyber safety on Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows devices.
  5. Troubleshooting Child Bypassing the App Store Blocking

    Why can your child still access the Apple App Store on their iPad or iPhone? Premium Members follow these steps to use Apple's inbuilt tools on iOS13 and newer to block app downloads .
  6. Troubleshooting Cannot Update an App on My Child's Device

    Why can't you update an app on your child's mobile device? Premium Members use these steps to turn off blocking of app installation to update the apps installed on a child's tablets and phones
  7. Remove a Device

    How do you remove a Device from the Family? Insights and Premium use the Connect App to deactivate Family Zone and to remove computers, phones or tablets from their Family Device list.
  8. Manage In-App Purchases on Apple iOS Devices

    How do you block your child from making in-app purchases on an iPhone or iPad? Premium Members follow these steps on their child's Apple iOS devices.
  9. Upgrade to Premium in the App Store

  10. Upgrade to Premium in Google Play

    How you manage Premium subscriptions purchased in Google Play on an Android device? Use these steps to upgrade, change or cancel a Premium membership purchased through Google.