Updated Articles

  1. Google Play Subscriptions (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you upgrade, find or cancel a subscription in the Google Play Store? Parents can use the Connect App and Google Play to buy a Premium membership, find renewal dates or end a subsciption.
  2. Troubleshooting Apple App Store Subscriptions

    How do you cancel a Family Zone Subscription paid for through the Apple App Store? Premium Members need to contact the App Store customer support to close a purchase made through the Apple App Store.
  3. Troubleshooting Google Play Subscriptions

    A Parent can use these steps to troubleshoot billing issues with subscriptions purchased through Google Play. Find the subscription details, renewal date, and how to manage the billing.
  4. App Store Subscriptions (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you buy or cancel a Premium subscription through your Apple iOS device? Use the App Store and your iTunes account to add Premium features or downgrade to the Insights membership.
  5. Troubleshooting Restore or Update Your Child's iOS Device

    How do you update the Connect App on your Child's iPhone or iPad? What steps do you take to restore the Connect App? Find out how to reinstate the monitoring or filtering to your Child's iOS device.
  6. Troubleshooting Links to Schools in Australia and New Zealand

    What steps do you take to fix the calendar from a child's school? Parents can troubleshoot the syncing their child's Play, Sleep, Study, and School routines in Australia and New Zealand.
  7. Troubleshooting a WiFi Extender with the Family Zone Box

    Can WiFi extenders be used with the Family Zone Box? Premium Members use this guide to plan and add more network coverage in their home WiFi.
  8. Troubleshooting Not Receiving Access Requests

    What can I do to fix issues with my children requesting access to devices? Premium Members take these steps with borrowed devices and getting requests for device access.
  9. Install the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you set up the Family Zone Box in Australia or New Zealand using your Android device? Here's how to use the app to set up a Home network for monitoring web content in your home.
  10. Install the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you setup the Family Zone Box with your Android app? Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand use their Android phone or tablet to set up cyber safe networks in their home.