Updated Articles

  1. Troubleshooting MacOS Standard User for Laptops

    How do you setup an user account on a Mac laptop for children? Premium Members need to setup a separate account for their child before installing Family Zone for Laptops on a Mac OS computer.
  2.  Troubleshooting Kids Bypassing Filters

    How do parents and Family Zone prevent kids from bypassing the filters and protection? Understand what alerts and steps to take when a child's device is circumventing Family Zone's online safety app.
  3. End a Quick Time Change in the Android App

    How do you end your Child's temporary access to online activities? Premium Members can use their Android phone or table to stop a Quick Time change on their Child's devices.
  4. Temporarily Mute Alerts in the iOS App

    How do you temporarily hide a To Do Alert? Insights and Premium Members can turn off To Do notification for a set period of time. The To Do item is redisplayed when the time expires.
  5. Allow Notifications on an Apple iOS Device

    How do you turn on Family Zone notifications on a child's iPad or iPhone? Insights and Premium Members go into Family Zone on the child's Apple iOS device to allow notifications to be displayed.
  6. Red Alert: VPN Permissions Have Not Been Granted

    What doe a "Red Alert: VPN permissions have not been granted" notification mean? Insights and Premium Members need to take the following steps to fix the issue.
  7. Red Alert: Family Zone May Have Been Tampered With

    What the "Red Alert: Family Zone may have been tampered with" notification in Family Zone Insights or Premium means, and what to do when you receive it.
  8. Ignore a To Do

    How do you permanently clear a To Do? Insights and Premium Members can see the recommended steps to resolve an Alert and then use the Ignore function to remove the item from the To dos.
  9. See a List of Red Alerts

    How do you see a list of Red Flags? Insights and Premium Members sign in as a Parent and view the Snapshots to access a list of Red Flag. Tap on an event to see the date, time, and Family member.
  10. See a List of Red Alerts

    Applies to: Insights and Premium Members  Parent's app: iOS or Android  Article type: Fundamental steps Red Alerts Listed in Snapshots Parents can access a list of Red Alerts from the weekly Snapshots reports. The Snapshots s...