Updated Articles

  1. Add another Parent to your Account

    How do you add another Parent or caregiver to your Family Zone account? Insights and Premium Members add a person as a Parent to help monitor and manage your Child's devices.
  2. See Recent Activity

    How do you know what activities your Child is using their mobile device for? Insights and Premium Members can use a Parent's phone or tablet to see a Child's recent activity.
  3. Add a Child in the Connect App

    How do you add another child to Family Zone? Insights and Premium Members can add a child they want to monitor. Premium Members can add PINs for borrowing devices and bedtime to turn web access off.
  4. See Who is Using a Device Connected to the Box

    How do you see which Family member is using a device connected to the Family Zone Box? Premium Members use the home.tools page on their Child's laptop, computer, phone or tablet to find out.
  5. Install the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you set up the Family Zone Box in Australia or New Zealand using your Android device? Here's how to use the app to set up a Home network for monitoring web content in your home.
  6. Install Filter-Only Connect app on a School Managed iOS Device

    How do you install Connect on a school managed iOS Device? Family Zone detects the School's Mobile Device Management (MDM) and offers you a Filter-Only mode on your Child's iPad or iPad.
  7. Remove a Child or Parent from your Account

    How do you remove a child or parent user? Insights and Premium members use the Connect App on their Android or iOS to remove users from their account.
  8. Change a Child's Details in the Connect App

    How do you update your child's details? Insights and Premium Members can edit their child's name, birthdate, and time zone. See the updated details in Weekly Reports, Alerts, and Routines.
  9. Turn Off Online Safety Expert Advice

    How do you turn off Online Safety Expert advice? Insights and Premium Members can turn off their Online Safety Expert's recommendations and go to the default level of monitoring.
  10. Troubleshooting No Online Safety Expert Emails

    What steps do I take to get Online Safety Expert tips by email? Insights and Premium Members can troubleshoot missing Online Safety Expert alerts and tips by checking these settings.