Updated Articles

  1. Add a Child in the Android App

    How do you add another Child to Family Zone? Insights and Premium Members can add a Child they want to monitor. Premium Members can set up kids to share devices and a bedtime for internet access.
  2. Troubleshooting Behavioral Alerts & Red Flags

    Find the steps Premium Members can take to troubleshoot receiving Alerts. Know if notifications and emails about a Child's online behavior and cyber safety are turned on and going to the right email.
  3. Linking gaming consoles to the Family Zone Box

    How do you filter a gaming console? Premium Members with the Family Zone Box can manage xBox, PlayStation, and other gaming device. (Family Zone Box is only available in Australia & New Zealand.)
  4. Check Safe Networks on a Child's iOS

    How do you see the School Safe Networks from your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium Members use their PIN to login to their Child's Family Zone app to view the names of Safe Networks.
  5. Temporarily Turn Off Filtering a Child's Android

    How do you temporarily turn off the Family Zone filtering on a Child's Android device? Premium Members use these steps to stop blocking for a period of time on an Android phone or tablet.
  6. Troubleshooting Blocking Issues in the iOS App

    Why is the filtering and blocking not working? Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot when a child can (or cannot) access a site, app or function you expect is managed.
  7. Family Zone Products Guide

    What Family Zone products are available? Parents centralize the monitoring of their children's many different devices. Settings from parents, updates cyber experts and schools sync on all devices.
  8. Family Zone for Mobile Devices Guide

    What are Family Zone Apps and Applications? Learn how to protect your family from potentially harmful online content by installing Family Zone Apps on phones and tablets, and Applications on laptops.
  9. Turn Off Cyber Expert Advice in the Android App

    How do you turn off Cyber Expert advice in Australia or New Zealand? Insights and Premium Members can turn off the filtering and the schedule recommended by an ANZ School Cyber Expert.
  10. Set Consequences in the Android App

    How do you enforce cyber safety rules on your Child's devices? Premium Members can set Consequences like putting all Devices into Sleep time to disconnect their devices from the internet.