Updated Articles

  1. View a Child's School Activity

    How do you see your Child's online activity at School? Insights and Premium Members in the US, can review and filter School activity after connecting their Child to their School through Family Zone.
  2. Link a Child's Device to a US School

    How do you link your Child's school to the Family Zone app? New Insights & Premium Members in selected schools will be invited to monitor their Child's online activity while their Child is at school.
  3. Schools and Family Zone (Austalia and New Zealand)

    How can Parents and Schools work together to protect kids from inappropriate web content? Learn how Family Zone works with Schools in Australia and New Zealand to protect your Child's online activity.
  4. Install on a Parent's iPhone or iPad

    How do you install Connect App on a Parent's iPhone or iPad? Use these steps to set up a new account or sign into an existing account on your iOS device.
  5. Kids Ask for More Time

    How do kids ask for more Play (Study or School) time directly from their phone or tablet? The Connect App notifies Premium Member's Children of access time changes and helps manage web access.
  6. Troubleshooting Prevent Tampering on iOS Devices

    Family Zone on your Apple iOS phone or tablet needs VPN Connect on Demand turned on in order to work properly. Learn how to turn Connect on Demand back on after it's been disabled.
  7. Troubleshooting Restore or Update the Connect App on Your Child's iOS Device

    Applies to: Insights and Premium Members Child's devices: iPhone and iPad Missing Connect App Icon or Updates The following troubleshooting steps are used when the Connect App is installed on a Child's Device, but the icon or app n...
  8. Troubleshooting Password and PIN

    Why don't I recognize the changes on my account? Insights and Premium Members use these steps to check parent contact details, and change the PIN and password from a web browser.
  9. See a Child's Device Location

    How can you see the last known Location of your Child's phone or tablet? Insights and Premium Members use their Android or iOS Connect App to see up to a week of Device Locations.
  10. Cyber Expert Advice Guide

    How do you use Cyber Expert advice? Insights and Premium Members get access to guidance on cyber safety for your child's age group. Find out what's normal and how to talk to your kids.