Updated Articles

  1. Temporarily Turn Off Filtering a Child's Android

    How do you temporarily turn off the Family Zone filtering on a Child's Android device? Premium Members use these steps to stop blocking for a period of time on an Android phone or tablet.
  2. Temporarily Turn Off Filtering on a Child's iOS Device

    How do you temporarily turn your Child's filtering off? Premium Members can log their Child in with a Parent's account to temporarily turn off filtering to access streaming video or blocked services.
  3.  Install Filter-Only on a School Managed iOS Device

    How do you install Connect on a school-managed iOS Device? Family Zone detects the School's Mobile Device Management (MDM) and offers you a Filter Only mode when you install on your Child's device.
  4. Troubleshooting Prevent Tampering on iOS Devices

    Family Zone on your Apple iOS phone or tablet needs VPN Connect on Demand turned on in order to work properly. Learn how to turn Connect on Demand back on after it's been disabled.
  5. Family Zone Connect App for iOS 14+

    How do you refresh and update the iOS cyber safety profile? Insights and Premium Members uses these steps to get a new copy of the iOS Settings for the Connect App onto your Child's iPhone or iPad.
  6. Turn Off Location Tracking on an iOS Device

    How do you turn on or turn off Location Tracking on your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium members can use Family Zone to find the Location of their Child's mobile devices using these steps
  7. Turn Off Location Tracking on Android Devices

    How do you turn location tracking off on your Child's Android phone or tablet? Insights and Premium members use these steps to stop their Child's Android device from sending Location data.
  8. Turn User Tracking On or Off in the Android App

    How do you turn off tracking if you do not need to see your Child's internet activity? Premium Members can turn off tracking on Family members under 18 years of age.
  9. Block a Website

    How do you block your Child from accessing a website? Premium Members can add web addresses to be blocked during a specific Routine, like Study time, or block the website all the time.
  10. Parent Allows a Blocked Web Page on an iOS Device

    How do I change or apply filtering rules to someone borrowing one of my devices? Family Zone Premium Members can use a PIN to loan devices to guests or other family members.