Updated Articles

  1. Install Connect on a Parent’s Android Updated

    How do you install the Family Zone Connect app on Android phones and tablets? Insights and Premium Members use these steps to install the Parent version of the Connect app on Android devices.
  2. Install on a Child's iPhone or iPad Updated

    How do you install Family Zone on your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium Members can monitor the web content apps a Child is using by setting up the Family Zone app on their Child's device.
  3. Install on a Child's Android Updated

    How do you install the Connect App on your Child's Android device? Insights and Premium Members can set up and allow the permissions for monitoring web activity on a Child's phone or tablet.
  4. Install Filter-Only Connect app on a School Managed iOS Device Updated

    How do you install Connect on a school managed iOS Device? Family Zone detects the School's Mobile Device Management (MDM) and offers you a Filter-Only mode on your Child's iPad or iPad.
  5. Web Subscriptions (Australia and New Zealand) Updated

    How do you update web subscriptions or switch to in-app billing in Australia and New Zealand? Change or cancel credit card billing for a Premium membership purchased on our website.
  6. Install on a Parent's iPhone or iPad Updated

    How do you install Connect App on a Parent's iPhone or iPad? Use these steps to set up a new account or sign into an existing account on your iOS device.
  7. Using the Family Zone Box with Qustodio

    Family Zone Box customers can still use your Box with Qustodio to protect all of your family’s internet-connected devices.
  8. Remove a Device

    How do you remove a Device from the Family? Insights and Premium use the Connect App to deactivate Family Zone and to remove computers, phones or tablets from their Family Device list.
  9. Uninstall from a Chromebook

    What steps do you take to remove the Family Zone extension from a Chromebook? Premium Members use their Parent app to stop monitoring and remove the device. Then use Chrome to uninstall the extension.
  10. Uninstall from a macOS Computer

    How does a Parent uninstall Family Zone from a Child's Mac laptop or computer? A Parent uses their phone or tablet to remove the Device from the Family before uninstalling Connect in the macOS.