Connect App for iOS 14+

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Child's devices: iOS 14 and newer iPhones or iPads

Excludes: iOS Devices with Filter-only (School Mobile Device Management)

Update the Connect App

We're excited to let you know about two new features for families with iOS devices using iOS14+, to keep your kids even safer online. As of October 2021:

  • Children can no longer delete the Connect app from their device
  • We've removed the ability for children to turn off filtering

To enable these new features, Parents need to update the Connect App by following the steps below.

Before you start

  • Have your Parent PIN, email and password ready
  • Have the Passcode for your Child's iPhone or iPad
  • Your Child’s iPhone or iPad is connected to WiFi 

Deactivate the Connect App

On your Child’s iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Connect App and tap the gear icon 
  2. Enter your 4-digit Parent PIN 
  4. Tap OK

The Connect App will return you to the Sign in screen. 

If you cannot find the Connect App on your Child’s Device, see: 

Reactivate the Connect App

  1. SIGN IN with your Parent email and password
  2. Tap CHILD 
  3. Tap on your Child's name 
  4. Tap NEXT 
  6. Tap Allow
  7. Tap Close 

Install the Connect Profile 

  1. Go to iOS Settings and tap Profile Downloaded 
  2. Tap Install 
  3. Enter the passcode for this iPhone or iPad 
  4. Tap Next 
  5. Tap Install 
  6. Tap Trust
  7. Wait 5-10 seconds for the Device to sync
    Tap Manage 

Turn Location Tracking On

  1. Tap the Connect App notification
  2. Tap DONE
  3. At Location, tap ALLOW  
  4. Return the phone to your Child when their name is displayed

If you receive a "Red alert: Device management removed" in your Parent's Connect App, Ignore the To Do. This notification is sent when you Deactivate the Connect App.