Turn User Tracking On or Off

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Parent app: iOS or Android 

Article type: Advanced options

Turn User Tracking On or Off 

As a Parent, you have the option to stop tracking the data captured to report your Child's online activity at Home and outside of School.

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

After you sign in to Family Zone Connect as a Parent

  1. In Settings, tap Reports & Usage
  2. Tap Track child usage
  3. Tap next to your Child's name
    Blue - tracking is on
    Gray - tracking is off

Your changes are automatically saved. You can use the back arrow or tap on Family to close the screen. 

The User Tracking is permanently off until a Parent turns it back on. 

Parents can turn off any of the following features on a personal device that is not managed by a School:

  • Device Location - the previous 5 days of locations where your Child's Android or iOS Devices were connected to a network
  • Device Monitoring  - the Connect app can be temporarily disabled on your Child's Android or iOS Devices
  • User Tracking - the reporting data captured in Red Alerts, Recent Activity, Snapshots, and Usage for all devices including your Child's computer and Android or iOS Devices