Turn On Location Tracking on iOS Devices

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members on the Child's iPhone and iPad

Article type: Recommended steps

Turn On Location Tracking

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the Connect app, tap the gear icon
  2. Enter your Parent PIN
  3. Tap to toggle the Track location switch
    Blue is on
    Gray is off
  4. At the confirmation, tap Allow While Using App
  5. Tap Done to sign out of the Parent settings

Set Location Tracking to Always On

The last step is to allow the device to send the Location data all the time.

On your Child's device:

  1. In the iOS Settings, go down and open Privacy
  2. Tap Location Services
  3. Tap Connect App
  4. Tap Always
  5. Tap the Back button 3 times to close the menu
    Restart your Child's iPhone or iPad

Use the Connect app on your phone or tablet to see the last known Location of your Child's mobile devices. The last known Location will be displayed even if a personal iOS device is out of power or turned off.

Schools do not share location information. 

Device locations are not available for School owned Devices. Additionally, location information is not tracked during the time a personal phone or tablet is connected to a School's network.