How to Turn On Location Tracking on iOS Devices?

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members on the Child's iPhone and iPad

Article type: Recommended steps

Turn On Location Tracking

To enable the Location feature on the Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Family Zone App
  2. In the upper-right, tap the gear icon
  3. Enter your Parent PIN
  4. Tap to toggle the Track location switch
    Blue is on
    Gray is off
  5. If the Location permission required window appears
    Tap Open Settings
  6. If the window does not appear tap Done
    Go to the iOS Settings and search for Location
    Open Location (in Privacy) > Location Services > Family Zone
  7. If off, turn on Background App Refresh and Mobile Data
  8. Tap Location
  9. Tap Always
    Changes are automatically saved

Press the Home key to get back to the Family Zone app. We recommend you restart your Child's iPhone to reset any open apps.