Turn On or Approve a Time Change

Applies to: Premium Members 

Parent's app: iOS and Android  

Article type: Optional steps

Change Your Child's Access Time

As a Parent, you can turn on or approve requests for internet access time. An access time change includes a timer, so you can help your Child manage their screen time. The time change is applied to all of your Child's Devices including their computer, and phone or tablet.

If you want to turn off internet access temporarily, Sleep time turns internet access off.

Parents Turn On a Time Change

Use your Connect App like a remote control. Here's how to set all of your Child's Devices into Play, Study, School or Sleep time. 

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. In Family, tap on the current Routine (School, Study, Play or Sleep)
  2. At Swap internet access to, select a different access type:
    Play, Study, School or Sleep
  3. Next, select the amount of time:
  4. The time change is displayed with a countdown timer

All of your Child's Devices will have the access time you turned on. Their Devices will return to their regular daily Routine when the time is up. 

Approve Your Child's Request for a Time Change

Your Child can send you a request for Play, Study or School time from their computer, phone or tablet. 

When you receive the request, you can approve it and set a timer. Or, you can reject the request to leave their current daily Routine unchanged.

From your phone or tablet:

  1. In To do, tap Options for the request for "an access change"
  2. Tap on the access time you will allow (Play, School, Study, or Sleep)
    Or tap Ignore to reject the request 
  3. Tap on the amount of time you will allow 
  4. In Family, a countdown timer is displayed under your Child's name

Asking for Access Time versus Access to Websites

Sometimes, kids request a change from their web browser. They may not realize they requested access to a website instead of requesting a time change. 

Approving a Website only adds a filtering rule for the website and does not change their current access time. If your Child meant to ask for access time, use the steps in:


End a Time Change Before the Timer Runs Out

As a Parent, you can end a time change before the timer runs out.

  1. Under your Child's name, tap on the remaining time 
  2. Tap Revert now 
  3. The regular daily Routine is active

If your Child is using a computer, the online video, game, or website will stop loading after the already downloaded information runs out. Your Child can check their current access time by clicking the Connect icon in Windows, Mac or their Chrome browser.

Time-based Filtering

Parents can change time-based filtering:

  • Change Current Access Time   
    Set a temporary change to School, Play, Study or Sleep with a timer. Child can request. Or, Parent can turn on remotely from their Connect App or by signing in to the Child's Connect App.
  • Edit the Daily Routine 
    Edit the default times of day for School, Study, Play, and Sleep from the Parent's device.
  • Edit the Calendar 
    Change the type of access for School vacations, holidays or sick days from the Parent's device.