Turn Off Cyber Expert Advice in the iOS App

Applies to: Premium Members

Article type: Advanced options

Resetting the Cyber Expert's Advice

A Parent may want to turn off or reset the Cyber Expert recommendations, because the settings are too strict.

Cyber Experts provide guidance on the appropriate apps and web activities for your Child's age group. Your Child's School may be working with a Cyber Expert. If you are not working with a School's Cyber Expert, you get our Family Zone Cyber Experts' ratings and reviews.


Turning the Cyber Expert on or off will clear all your customizations for the whole family. 

If you moved your Child to a different Age Profile, added Internet filters & rules, changed a Calendar or daily Routine -- turning the Cyber Expert on or off will replace your settings with default settings.

On a Parent's iPhone or iPad:

After you sign in to Family Zone as a Parent

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Internet filters & rules
  3. At Cyber Expert Advice, tap to turn the toggle OFF (gray)
  4. At the "Stop using expert advice?" confirmation, tap STOP ADVICE

When you see the gray toggle, you are done. 

All of the monitored Devices in your Family will update with the settings within 2 minutes of connecting to the internet. You will still be able to see reports. 

Turning off the Cyber Expert Advice will allow all Family members under 18 years old to access to all activities except the highest risk during the default Play, Study, and School times. If you are linked to a School, this will also reset the Calendar of School Days and Rest Days (vacation and holidays) supplied by your School.