Troubleshooting Uninstall Connect from a Child's Phone or Tablet

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Parent app: Apple iOS or Android 

Child's device: Apple iOS or Android

Remove Connect from Your Child's Device

Your Child cannot delete the Connect App from their Apple or Android phone or tablet. If your Child tampers with their Android or iOS Settings, a Red Alert is sent to the Parents. The Connect App blocks your Child from uninstalling the cyber safety. 

A Parent must Deactivate the Connect App first. Deactivation can be done directly on the Child's phone or tablet -- or remotely from the Parent's Connect App. Then a Parent or Child can uninstall it.

Deactivate Family Zone from your Child's Device

You can deactivate Family Zone from the Connect App on your Child's phone or tablet.

On your Child's iOS or Android device:

  1. In the Connect App, tap the gear icon 
  2. Enter your 4-digit Parent PIN 
  4. Tap OK 
  5. At the Welcome screen, close the Connect App

You can now uninstall (delete) the Connect App from your Child's phone or tablet.

Deactivate Family Zone from a Parent's Device

Alternatively, you can use the Connect App on your phone like a remote control to deactivate monitoring of your Child's Device. After you deactivate Family Zone, your Child will be able to uninstall the app from their Apple or Android phone or tablet.

On a Parent's iOS or Android phone or tablet:

  1. In the Connect App, go to Settings > Devices
  2. Tap on your Child's Device 
  4. At the "Deactivate Family Zone ..." confirmation, tap Yes, remove

You or your Child can now uninstall the Connect App from their phone or tablet.

Uninstall from your Child's iOS Device

After a Parent Deactivates Family Zone from the Connect App on a Parent's or your Child's Device, take the following steps to uninstall the app.

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. After you deactivate the Connect App
    Hold your finger on the Connect App until the icons shake
    Tap the - minus
  2. At the confirmation message, tap Delete 
  3. At the removal options, tap Delete App 
  4. The icon, app, and settings are removed 
  5. Power off and power on the iPhone or iPad to clear any open connections

Uninstall from your Child's Android Device

The Connect App cannot be uninstalled without alerting Parents if the Device is still attached to the Family. The app will prevent your Child from using the uninstall function until the Parent removes the Device in their app.

On your Child's Android phone or tablet:

  1. Open the Android Settings
  2. Tap Apps & notifications 
  3. Tap See all apps 
  4. Tap the Connect App 
  5. Tap Uninstall 
  6. At "Do you want to uninstall this app?", tap OK 
  7. Restart your Child's Android to close out any open activities

The web content monitoring is turned off. Parents will not receive any notifications if the device has been removed from the Family in the Parent's app.

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

We are here to help. Sign in to your Connect App as a Parent. Go to Settings > Support center

If you don't have the Connect App

Have details available to help us troubleshoot your problem:

  • Account email
  • Child’s name
  • Devices impacted
  • Time of the issue
  • Description of the issue