Troubleshooting To Dos

Applies to: Insights Members and Premium Members

Parent app: Apple iOS or Android

I have an email but there is no To do in my account

To dos can be closed by any parent on the account or the system if we detect that the issue is resolved or it is no longer relevant. If you have a notification but there is no To do, this likely means either:

Is there another way to check for the To do?

 If you are at all concerned, you should check the device or the Red flags or the User Activity feed in your account.

I’m not getting emails for any To dos

  • Check your email’s Spam or Updates folder

  • The email is being sent to one of your other email addresses you don't check often
    Security PIN, Password or Email

  • Premium Members can check their email notification settings
    Manage Email Reports

  • Download and install the Connect App and set it up for a parent’s Apple iOS or Android device so that you get push notifications
    Allow Notifications