Troubleshooting the Usage Summary Data

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

Why can’t I see expected activity in Usage?

This could be because:

  • No Data: 
    If there is no activity on your account you won't get a report. Ensure you have one of Family Zone’s protection apps installed and activated on a device. 
  • No Tracking: 
    You may have switched tracking off for your Children
  • Caching: 
    Our services typically only capture usage of a particular internet address for a particular User once during a time period. For example, if your child accesses during Play time, we’ll record this once and apply your rules during that time period. We will check again when their time period changes eg to Study Time or Sleep Time.

Check Family Details

I know my child is looking at apps like Instagram but I can’t see any usage

Many social media, streaming media, and gaming applications use IP addresses ( rather than URLs ( in order to speed up the accessing of the data.  By default, we hide these from view in Usage in order to simplify what you are looking at.

My child’s being blocked from stuff that they should have access to

There are a number of reasons why your child may be being blocked. This could include:

  • Access Time period:
    Your child may be in a restricted time period such as Sleep Time or School Time.
  • School Managed Access:
    Your child’s policies may be being managed by the School at that time.
  • Category Error:
    Possibly our systems have assigned the wrong Website Category.
  • Restrictive policy:
    Possibly your default Control settings are too or more restrictive than you’d like.
  • Mixed content:
    Possibly the site contains content that is adult and therefore blocks it completely.

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