Troubleshooting Safe WiFi and School Networks

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: Does not apply to US Members

My child is unable to use their device on the school network

If set up properly Family Zone’s protection apps should disable when your child connects to the school network so that we don’t interfere with the school's filtering system.  If that school is a Family Zone Partner School we will already have set everything up for you.  If they are not a partner school make sure that you link your child to their school and we will contact the school and make sure that everything works.

Search for and add an Australian or New Zealand School in Safari, Chome or a web browser

Family Zone is not turning off on the Safe WiFi Network

A network’s name is one of the components used to track networks known to be safe. Family Zone connects to our internet servers to verify the SSID is on our list of safe networks. You may see the network name labeled SSID, for Service Set Identifier, the technical acronym for the network name. The SSID is case-sensitive and cannot contain spaces.  

The laptop, phone, or tablet needs to be within range of the WiFi to be added as a Safe Network

The school's Mobile Device Management (MDM) has conflicts with Family Zone

Some schools require the students to install Mobile Device Management (MDM) software managed by the school's IT. 

Safe Network Options

Parents can use the Web portal to add the names of networks with content filtering. Here are the types of Safe Network options.

Your Child's School

In Australia or New Zealand, add your Child's School. Family Zone will automatically switch to the school's cyber safety rules after connecting to the School network.

Per Child

Add any other Safe Networks to your Child's account, such as filtered internet access provided by a Child's after-school care. 

For the Family

Add the network names for filtered networks all of the Children in your Family, such as the library's filtered network.