Troubleshooting No Email to Parents About App Install

Applies to: Premium Members 

Parent's app: Apple iOS or Android

I’m not getting emails for installed apps

Depending on the time of day you should get an email within 30 - 60 minutes when an app is installed on Android only.  

Actions to resolve

  1. Check the other, spam and junk folders in your email. Our emails may be in another folder

  2. Ensure you add our email address to your address book so emails go to your inbox

  3. Check your email address
    Security PIN, Password or Email

  4. Check the "New app installed" is turned on in the email notification settings
    Manage Email Alerts and Reports

  5. Check the user's activity feed to see what apps they might have installed recently
    Check Online Usage

Limit Access to iOS Device Features

iOS 13 (2019) and newer:

For iOS 12 (2018) and older devices, tap the toggle to allow (blue) or to prevent (gray) access to:

  • In-App Purchases
  • iTunes
  • Explicit iTunes Content
  • The device camera

Limit Access to Android Device Features 

For Android phones and tablets, tap the toggle to allow (blue) or prevent (gray) access to:

  • Install or uninstall of apps
  • The device camera