Troubleshooting Google Play Subscriptions

Applies to: Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand

How do I know when my subscription is going to renew in Google Play?

Parents can use their Android device to see the renewal date and subscription type.

I deleted Family Zone, but I am still getting billed

Deleting the app won't stop the subscription. The Parent who opened the account needs to cancel the subscription through Google Play.

I didn't have an Android phone or tablet to access Google Play

You can login to your Google Play account from a web browser. If you still cannot login to your Google account, use Google's instructions to contact their support team.

Maybe I didn't buy the subscription through Google Play?

Start an online chat with us or request a call back from our website

I cancelled the subscription, but I am still getting billed

The subscription is active until the end of the subscription date listed in the Google Play subscription details. 

See our terms of service for the subscription billing policy in your country.


Including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

We are here to help. Sign in to your Connect App as a Parent. Go to Settings > Support center

If you don't have the Connect App

Have details available to help us troubleshoot your problem:

  • Account email
  • Child’s name
  • Devices impacted
  • Time of the issue
  • Description of the issue