Troubleshooting Game Consoles and Your Box

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Gaming Consoles Connected to the Box

Use these troubleshooting steps if you are unable to:

If you have recently completed a factory reset of your gaming systems, installed major updates or switched from WiFi to a cabled connection your gaming system may seem to stop working. These activities trigger the Box to block the gaming system until a Parent confirms the gaming system's connection to the Box.

My Gaming Device Shows Up Twice

Most gaming devices allow you to access the Family Zone Box by a "wireless" (WiFi) or by a "wired" (ethernet cable) connection. Changing your connection may cause a duplicate device to appear. The wired and the wireless connections will have different "MAC addresses" and "IP addresses".  

To find the active gaming Device:

  1. In your gaming console, use the manufacturer's step to go the Network settings or test your Internet connection
    Here are links to the network tests for common gaming consoles:
    Microsoft xBox
    Sony PlayStation
    Nintendo Switch Internet Connection Test 

    Write down the MAC address (usually Wireless MAC or Wired MAC) and the device's IP address

  1. In your Connect App, go to Settings > Devices 
  2. Tap on the first of the Gaming or Unknown Device 
  3. When the MAC address (in step 1) in Connect match your gaming console, tap Edit 
    If the MAC address does not match, tap the < left arrow and look for a match in the next Unknown Device 
  4.  Type a Device name you will recognize
    Assign to the gaming user (or youngest Child using the gaming console)
    In Device type, select Gaming 
  5. You will see your new and your old gaming Devices

Remove the Duplicate or Old Devices

Next remove any duplicate Devices that are inactive.

  1. In Settings > Devices, tap on the old device name  
  2. Tap Remove Device 
  3. At the confirmation, tap Remove 

Repeat these steps for any Guest and Unknown Devices you want to remove.

My gaming console cannot download updates

The cyber safety settings used to keep your Child safe while playing games may prevent your gaming device from updating. One common issue is the user assigned to the gaming console is not in Play time. Try this first:

If the update will not start after setting the game console user to Play time:

  1. In your Connect App, go to Settings > Home network 
  2. Tap WiFi networks
  3. Go down to Unfiltered WiFi and tap Show
  4. Return to your gaming console network settings
    Sign in to your Unfiltered network with the password

    Common Gaming Consoles and Media Devices

    The Box is not compatible with Google Chromecast and Nest Audio Devices. The technology used in these devices tries to bypass the content filtering. The devices are blocked by the Box.


  5. Restart the game updates 
    Set a reminder so you check when the console is done with the updates

If the update stays under 5% for more than 5 minutes, return to the gaming console's network settings. Connect your gaming console directly to your internet provider's modem router until the updates are done.

  1. After the updates are done, restart your gaming console
  2. Use the gaming console's network settings to reconnect to the Family Zone Filtered network 

Family Zone takes a safe approach and restricts connections to internet servers that do not have a known history. Game developers often use temporary servers to deliver updates. These temporary internet addresses will disappear after the need for data is finished. The game developer's servers are not online long enough for the content on these systems to be rated for safety.


While connected to the Unfiltered network, all monitoring and filtering is off, regardless of which users was assigned to the gaming device.

Where do I find the Family Zone Box in the xBox One settings?

Parents can find their Family Zone Box by going through the xBox One's network settings menu.

Have your Android or Apple iOS device (left) and the xBox controller (right) ready.

From the xBox One:

  1. From an xBox One controller, press the controller button with the xBox logo
  2. At the xBox Home screen, use the controller to select Settings
  3. Select General
  4. Select Network settings
  5. Select your Filtered WiFi from your Box
  6. Enter your Family WiFi network password
    Use the left stick and A key to enter letters and numbers
    Use the X key to delete a character
  7. Press the small, round button in the center-right to submit the password
  8. Select CONTINUE
  9. The Current network status should display NAT Moderate and All services available
    The uPNP is not successful message is correct (see below)

    Your xBox may appear in a To do and as a Guest Device with limited access until you reassign it to a Family Member
    Connect a Game Console to Your Box

For cyber safety, Family Zone Box offers Moderate network access and does not provide the Universal Plug N Play (UPnP) used for multiplayer gaming and chats. These cyber safety settings cannot be changed.