Troubleshooting Device Not Filtered

Applies to: Premium Members

Block Page Displays "Device is not filtered"

Use a web browser to find out if a Child's device is protected by Family Zone. The following steps work on Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Chromebook devices.

  1. On your Child's

    iOS or Android phone or tablet
    Go to

    Device connected to the Family Zone Box filtered Family WiFi (Australia and New Zealand)
    Go to

    Laptop, go to the Connect icon > REQUEST CHANGE

  2. If the message "Device is not filtered" is displayed Family Zone is not protecting this device

If you are logged in as a Parent or using a Parent's device, your content is not filtered or monitored. The following troubleshooting applies to devices used by your Child.

Apple iOS Troubleshooting

Check if the VPN is connected by checking if at the top of your device there is a VPN symbol 

Android Troubleshooting

Check if the VPN is connected by checking the top of your device to ensure there is a VPN symbol

macOS and Windows Computer Troubleshooting

Family Zone Box Troubleshooting

Please note: The Family Zone Box is only available in Australia and New Zealand

Family Zone helps with cyber-safe internet activity across a variety of computers and devices from a centralized system. Parents don't have to set up and learn multiple pieces of software to keep a Child safe online.