Troubleshooting Child is Bypassing Game Blocking

Applies to: Premium Members

My child can still play games when the Sleep routine is on

Our system controls access to the internet. Not all games on computers, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles require access to the internet to be played.  Some games may require access to the internet to start, but once the game is running internet access is no longer used. Your child may be able to play these games while in the “Sleep” routine.

Steps to resolve:

  1. On the Child's device, open Chrome, Safari or a web browser and go to the diagnostic page

  2. If the Child's device is in Sleep mode, check the recent usage to see if the game connects to the internet
    Check Online Usage

  3. Turn the device onto flight mode or disconnect it from the internet.
    If you are still able to play the game then it doesn’t need an internet connection. Family Zone can only block games connected to the internet.
    Customize Filtering Rules

  4. Verify the Device Owner is your Child and not a Parent or Adult Family member
    See or Change a Device Owner

  5. Verify that User Tracking is turned on
    Turn User Tracking On or Off in the iOS App
    Turn User Tracking On or Off in the Android App