Troubleshooting Child Accessing Blocked Website

Applies to: Premium Members 

I’ve added the website to my Child's Age Profile but it’s still not being blocked correctly

The custom Websites rule is designed to control specific websites. The rule cannot control apps Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.  

Steps to resolve:

  1. Check the website is set up correctly
  2. Check the website is blocked/allowed for the correct age group profile
    Change a Child's Details
    Change Your Child's Age Profile

  3. Check your Child's daily Routine (Play, School, Study or Sleep) allows access to the Websites and Web Categories
    How to Change Your Child's Regular Routine in the iOS App?
    How to Change Your Child's Regular Routine in the Android App?

  4. Check the usage for the user to see if there are other categories that are impacting the blocking rules and the other categories are also blocked and update them
    How to Check a Child's Usage in the iOS App?
    How to Check a Child's Usage in the Android app?

  5. Check to make sure there isn’t a conflicting website rule within the Websites section of Internet Filtering & Rules
    How to Customize the Filtering Rules in the iOS App?
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My Child's iPhone, iPad or Mac is not monitored or filtered

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members with paid subscriptions to Apple iCloud

Child's devices: iOS15 (2021) on a Child's iPhone or iPad, Macs running macOS Monterey (2021) 

Parents may notice their Child's Apple Devices stop appearing in Insights reports and the paid Premium filtering doesn't always work.

Look for the following issues if you are unsure if your Child is using Private Relay in your iCloud account: