Family Zone Subscriptions Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

Family Zone offer two subscription types:

  • Family Zone Insights
  • Family Zone Premium

A Family Zone subscription is a contract between you and us which will include a minimum contract period and recurring subscription charges. Our subscription connects parents to a cyber-safety service updated daily. Our service helps parents monitor or filter their children's access to websites, internet content, and apps. 

The terms and conditions of our contract are set out in our Customer Terms which are available at


Including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Family Zone Insights

Family Zone Insights provides parents with a way to keep a watchful eye on their child’s online activity. Simply install the Family Zone’ App on your child’s devices. Insights runs silently in the background, providing you with weekly and on-demand reports of your child’s internet and app usage. 

The Insights service will alert you of risky or inappropriate online activity.  You can locate your children and their devices, and most importantly, Insights provides you with access to Family Zone’s team of cyber experts. Our cyber experts maintain our live internet safety services and provide advice parents can use.

Family Zone Premium

Family Zone Premium provides the Insights internet monitoring and reports and adds boundaries for your child's internet usage.  Our cyber experts built default profiles based on age groups. Rely on the recommended safety settings or customize the age profiles to fit your family's rules. Rules filter the access to online content during, school, study, and play time. The Premium service will even cut off access to the internet when it’s time to go to sleep.

Premium Members have the ability to turn on Consequences when a child attempts to bypass the Family Zone internet filtering. Parents gain the peace of mind that their children won't be accessing risky online content.

How do I know which subscription type I have?

From a Parent's Android or iOS phone or tablet:

Alternatively, In a web browser, go to the Family Zone Portal ( Login as the parent. Go to the top-right and click on the parent's name > My Services. Find the subscription type in the Plan Name.

How do I upgrade from Insights to Premium?

From a Parent's Android or iOS phone or tablet:

Australian and New Zealand customers can use the Family Zone Portal ( Login as the parent.  Go to the top-right and click on the parent's name > My Services and click the Upgrade button.

Can I convert from Premium to Insights?

Yes. Cancel your Premium Membership and you automatically downgrade to the Insights Membership

Australian and New Zealand customers can use the Web portal to downgrade from a Premium to an Insights Membership.

How many Family Zone users can I have on my subscription?

A Family Zone Premium membership allows you to manage unlimited devices and users through the Family Zone Apps (and Family Zone Box in Australia and New Zealand).

Can I purchase additional services?

Insights accounts can install the Family Zone App on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Apple iOS, and Android devices. Australian and New Zealand Premium Customers can add the Family Zone Box to their home to filter content on gaming consoles, smart TVs, and digital assistants.