Schools and Family Zone (USA)

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in the United States
Please note: Does not apply to Australian and New Zealand Members

Your School and Family Zone

When your child’s school invites you to the Family Zone Community, you get access to three key elements: 

  • A free website with timely guides from your school and online safety experts
  • A free app for monitoring of web activity at school and home
  • Optional, paid-filtering to protect your child’s personal devices

Online Safety Education

It takes a community to keep students safe online. Your child’s school will send you a link to their free Online Safety Hub. 

Many families lack the knowledge to be effective digital stewards for their children. In the Online Safety Hub, you will be able to:

  • Learn how your child can stay safe online (online bullying, screen time, gaming)
  • Read explanations about apps and websites
  • Get information about risks to your child
  • Ask your school about their online safety webinars
  • Request an article from your school’s Online Safety Hub 

School Activity and Digital Citizenship

Your child’s school protects student devices. It is easy to work with your child’s school to monitor your child’s online activity. Get visibility into your kids’ online activity on their school issued devices with the free Family Zone Connect App.

Insights reports for school and personal devices

The link between a parent, your child, and your child’s school device is active as soon as you complete the setup of the Connect App on a parent’s device.

Add Your Child's Devices

Keep all of your child’s personal devices safe no matter where they go. Get visibility into activity after school hours. Monitor your child’s personal devices with the same account you linked to your child’s school. 

Personal Devices

Parents have the option to monitor or filter their child’s personal devices. (Parents' online activity is never monitored or filtered by the school or Family Zone.) 

While your child’s personal device is connected to the school network, the school manages the filtering. When your child’s device disconnects from the school’s network, your Family Zone Connect monitors their online activity.

Install Connect on your child’s personal devices to monitor their activity outside of school:

School Devices

The internet must be filtered all the time on computers and devices supplied by schools. Your child’s school sets their online usage rules.

As a parent, use the Connect App to view your child’s online activity on their school-issued devices. Go a couple of steps into the Recent Activity to see details. You will see alerts and highlights of the websites your child accesses at school that day.

Activity and Usage Reports

Insights is a free monitoring service. It allows you to keep an eye on the personal phone or tablet you own and your child uses.  

You can monitor your child’s online activity on devices you own when they are not connected to their school network. (Your child’s school will not see online activity on a child’s personal device when it is not connected to the school network.) 

Locations of Personal Phones and Tablets

The location data in recent activity is only available for phones or tablets you own. 

The exception is when your child connects their phone or tablet to the school network. No location data is captured when a personal device is connected to the school network.

Insights members can see the last known location of personal mobile devices outside of school. Premium members can see the last five days of location history of personal devices outside of school.

Location data is not collected from computers or when a personal device is connected to the school's network.


Protect Your Kids When They're Online 

Premium is a paid subscription giving you predefined internet filtering for your child’s age group. Family Zone regularly updates the filters when new online risks are found.

Premium subscribers have control of their personal devices. Parents can turn off filtering on a personal device outside of school by:

Add Other Family Members

Protect all personal devices everywhere. Add other children to your Connect account, even when a school does not offer a Family Zone Community. In your Connect App:

You can also add other parents or guardians in your home to help you:

Shared Parenting

The Connect App works with co-parenting, shared parenting, and caregiving arrangements. If your child stays in different homes, you can link your child to another Family Zone account. 

The other parent or guardian installs the Connect App and sets up their own separate Family Zone account. In the Connect App, you edit your child’s account and invite the other parent. 

After the other account holder accepts your invitation, each of you will be able to take over monitoring of your child while your child is at each home.

The Family Zone Community brings schools, families, and students together to create a new generation of responsible digital citizens. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.