Schools and Family Zone (Australia and New Zealand)

Applies to: Insights or Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: Does not apply to US Members

Family Zone Works with Schools

Protect every device, everywhere. Family Zone solves online safety challenges for schools and students in Australia and New Zealand. 

Schools have legal obligations to keep your child safe during school hours. Family Zone helps schools and parents work together.  Your Family Zone protection seamlessly hands over to your child's school when they log onto their school WiFi.

The School Community

The type of monitoring varies by School. In Australia and New Zealand, Parents can opt-in to the School Community. Your School will keep you informed on the School Community services they provide. Services may include:

School Journey

Your Child's School can send you an automated summary of the Child's online activity during school hours. You can use the reports to help your Child with study and social development.

School Calendar 

Your Child's School maintains a Calendar of School hours and School days. Your Child's access to online content adjusts as they go from School time to Play time. School holidays have Rest Day routines, with the same default schedule as weekends.

School Filtering

Your Child's School sets up the filtering of your Child's computer or mobile device. The School can monitor the device all the time (referred to as 24/7) or only filter when your Child is at School.

Online Safety Hubs

Many Schools partner with Family Zone to provide a Online Safety Hub. The Hub is a website explaining the internet issues your Child's School is concerned about. Learn about current online trends and how to help your Child at home with healthy online habits.

Protecting Kids Together 

How do you work with your Child's School to protect your Child from risky web content? Look for a message from your School explaining which online safety options are available to you.

Speak with your Child's School IT about Family Zone. Your Child's School can provide a summary of their custom Family Zone program. Where the School does not work with Family Zone, a Parent can choose how their Child's devices will be monitored during School hours.

The School must monitor your Child's devices to meet their legal duty of care obligations.  Family Zone and the School help you work together to monitor your Child's online safety. 

Using the School Community 

Protect your kids when they’re out and about. No matter where they go, or what network they connect to, you and your Child's School and Parents can view lists of online activity. Parents and the School will see lists of apps, online usage, and websites, but you cannot see the messages or posts.

Insights and Premium Members

Premium Members

Secure and Private

Your Child's School only handles data for Children enrolled at their School. They cannot see any information about other Children outside of their School. The School and Family Zone will not see a Parent's web usage and Device details, because a Parent's web activity is never tracked.

Your School has qualified personnel to access your Child's:

  • Name and Date of Birth (their Student information)
  • Devices running Family Zone products registered to your Child
  • Any warnings associated with computers or mobile devices running Family Zone
  • Apps installed on your Child's iOS Apple or Android devices
  • Online usage (web activity) generated during School time
  • Red Alerts (warnings) generated at School or Home

See current details in the Privacy and Schools section of our Legal Information

Premium Subscribers and Schools

As a Premium subscriber, your School will see when you have changed a School Day to a Rest Day (change School filtering to Home filtering). The School does not monitor, track or filter Devices when a Parent uses their PIN to sign in to their Child's Device.

Guardians, Shared Parenting, and Co-Parenting

Family Zone and School Community works with your Child if they live with a guardian or another Parent from time to time. The first Parent to sign up for Family Zone can invite a guardian or Parent with a separate Family Zone Insights or Premium account.

Moving to a New School

When your Child changes schools, you remove the old School and add their new School. Your Routines, Calendars and School Time Filtering Policy will be automatically updated to match the new school selected.

No changes are required when your Child moves up a grade at the same School. The School and Family Zone update your Child's details automatically.