Schools and Family Zone Guide

Applies to: Parents with an invitation to link their Child's devices to the School

Article type: Optional steps

Family Zone Works with Schools

Schools have legal obligations to keep your children safe during school hours. Outside of the duty of care, Schools and Parents can work together to monitor the web content children are accessing. 

The type of monitoring varies by School. Parents can opt-in and their Child's School shares:

  1. A Calendar of School Days with the Parents - a Parent opts into the Community to apply the scheduled monitoring
  2. A summary of the Child's online activity during school hours with Parents - a Parent receives a link to the Child's School Community data

Parents can use Family Zone monitoring with Schools that do not offer the Community program:

  1. The School Rules apply all the time - the School installs MDM (Mobile Data Management) and Parents only see web activity reports
  2. The School filters web content but does not use Family Zone - a Parent may add the School as a Safe Network to switch filtering during School hours to the School's filters

Speak with your Child's School IT about Family Zone. Your Child's School can provide a summary of their custom Family Zone program. Where the School does not work with Family Zone, a Parent can choose how their Child's devices will be monitored during School hours.

Family Zone and Schools

Schools choose from different services when offering to link a Child's Family Zone devices to the School.

  • MDM (US and ANZ Mobile Device Management)
    Parents can see web activity outside of school, but cannot change the School's filtering rules on the device.
    - Available in the US and Australia and New Zealand
    - Schools manage the Child's device at all times (may be referred to as "24x7")
    - Parents can receive Family Zone alerts and reports for activity outside of School

  • School Community (US) 
    Parents can review internet activity for time during School and outside of School.
    - Available in the US
    - The School gives Parents the Community link
    - The School offers to share the web history from School
    - The School manages filtering during School
    - Parents can manage the monitoring for the web activity outside of School

  • School Community (Australia and New Zealand) 
    Parents can only see online activity outside of School and get the School's cyber safety advice.
    - Available in Australia and New Zealand
    - The School hosts its own online cyber safety hub
    - Some Schools also share the school calendar and host special cyber safety events
    - Family Zone automatically switches on monitoring when the Child is outside of School

  • School Safe Network (Australia and New Zealand)
    Parents allow the School's network to manage filtering so the Child can use the device at School.
    - Available for many schools in Australia and New Zealand
    - Parents search for the School's Safe Network by name
    - Family Zone automatically transfers filtering to the School when the Child connects to the School's network

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the school need Family Zone if they have their own filtering?

The School manages the internet filters for the students connected to their school network (WiFi) and students using the School's devices. Some data cannot be filtered. The school is unable to manage the content a student accesses during school time if the student:

  • Uses a personal device without a monitoring system
  • Connects to WiFi not managed by the School
  • Connects to a hotspot instead of the School's WiFi

The School cannot maintain its legal duty of care obligations on unmanaged networks and devices.  Family Zone and the School work together to share the management of your Child's online safety. The School manages the device during school hours and Family Zone monitors internet content outside of school.

Can the school see what is happening within my child’s apps?

No. Schools and Family Zone cannot see the content inside the messages.

The School and Parents will see a list of activity Family Zone logged. The Recent Activity, Snapshots, and Reports will show a list of apps and websites your Child tried to access. 

Monitoring Options

Parent's can see information about their Child's Android or iOS phones and tablets from the Connect App.

  • Location and Recent Activity - the last known location of a mobile device and its internet activity
  • Apps - a list of the apps installed on iOS and Android mobile devices 
  • Usage - comparison details of the amount of time spent by type of activity for phones, tablets, and computers
  • Snapshots - searchable weekly overview of family members' online activities for phones, tablets, and computers

What does it mean if I Opt-in to or Out of the Community?

Opting in to the Community for devices with Family Zone’s products allow both Parents and the School to view:

  • View your Child’s online activity during School time
  • View the mobile apps installed on your Child's Apple iOS or Android devices
  • View alerts with respect to attempts to bypass the Family Zone filtering

Parents with Premium subscriptions can also:

  • Manage the internet filtering rules for your child without blocking education apps and websites

All information shared between the School and Parent is secure and complies with our Privacy Policy. Your Child's School can only view online activity for the Child you linked to the School.

Can I opt-out of the Community?

Yes. The school will be notified you have opted out of the Community. Read your School IT policy. Some Schools do not permit unmonitored devices to be used in the School facilities during school hours. 

My Child is sick and home from School, can I manage their devices?

Premium Members can make a Quick Time Change from a Parent's Android or iOS app or by logging into the Child's device with their Parent PIN. The Child's time can be set to Play time.

What can the school see?

The school can see the following information in their portal  for any child linked through the School Community:

  • Student name and Date of Birth
  • Devices active with one of the Family Zone products installed and registered
  • Any associated warnings associated with devices that have one of Family Zone’s products installed and registered
  • Apps installed on a child's iOS Apple or Android devices
  • Usage generated during school time on devices that have one of Family Zone’s products installed and registered

Can I see when the school is managing my child?

Yes. A parent logged into the Family Zone App will see when their child's internet access is being managed by the school.  The school sets school days for filtering and rest days with no filtering in their calendar.  You can override the school's scheduled filtering. When you override the school hours filtering, the school is notified.

Can schools view data from all users on my account?

No. School Community only permits a School to view information with respect to users linked to that school.

How can I work out if a school is managing filtering for my child?

Select the user in your My Family dashboard, if it shows “School time is set by School Name” then the listed school is managing their school time filtering.  It will also show you on the calendar and routine screens.

Can I see the school’s filtering policy?

No, you are unable to see the school’s filtering policy. If you are at all concerned then you should contact your child’s school.

What happens if my child changes schools?

When your child changes schools, you should remove the old school through your online account and associate them with their new school. Your Routines, Calendars and School Time Filtering Policy will be automatically updated to match the new school selected.