Connect for Laptops


Troubleshooting MacOS Standard User for Laptops
How do you setup an user account on a Mac laptop for children? Premium Members need to setup a separate account for their child before installing Family Zone for Laptops on a Mac OS computer.
Troubleshooting No Google Account for a Chromebook
How do I add my child's email and gSuite login to the Family Zone Safe Chromebook? Find the steps to link your child's Google login to the Safe Chromebook.
Troubleshooting Stop Your Child from Uninstalling from MacOS
How do you convert your child's Mac user from an Administrator to a Standard user? Family Zone manages separate Mac OS account for your children. Use these steps to turn your child's admin access off.
Troubleshooting Connect for Laptops Block Page
How do you unblock a web page on your Child's laptop? Premium Members use the Connect icon to Request a Change and allow a change to Play Routine time or use a Parent's to allow access to the website.
Troubleshooting Chrome Incognito Mode on a Laptop
How do you keep your child safe while they are browsing in Google Chrome incognito mode? Parents use these steps to turn on filtering in Family Zone for Laptops on Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook.
Troubleshooting Run Laptop Diagnostics
How do I run Family Zone Connect diagnostics on a Windows or Mac laptop? Premium Members use these steps on a Child's computer to do advanced troubleshooting with our Support Team.
Troubleshooting Submit Laptop Diagnostics
What do you do when Family Zone asks you to run diagnostics on your Windows or Mac laptop? Learn how our support team will help you resolve any error messages from the Family Zone Application.
Troubleshooting Uninstall from a Chromebook
What steps do you take to remove the Family Zone extension from a Chromebook? Premium Members use their Parent app to stop monitoring and remove the device. Then use Chrome to uninstall the extension.
Troubleshooting Uninstall from a Windows Computer
What steps do you take to remove Family Zone on your Child’s Windows laptop or desktop? Premium Members use their Parent app to stop monitoring and remove the device. Then use Windows Add or Remove Programs to uninstall the application.
Troubleshooting Uninstall from a MacOS Computer
How does a Parent uninstall Family Zone from a Child's Mac laptop or computer? A Parent uses their phone or tablet to remove the Device from the Family before uninstalling Connect in the MacOS.
Troubleshooting Update Connect for Chrome - Community Extension
Troubleshoot a Chromebook, MacOS or Windows laptop with a Google Chrome Extension. Resolve issues like incomplete or no reporting on website activity or filtering inside the Chrome browser.