Family Zone for Laptops


Troubleshooting Chrome Incognito Mode on a Child's Laptop
How do you keep your child safe while they are browsing in Google Chrome incognito mode? Parents use these steps to turn on filtering in Family Zone for Laptops on Windows, Mac OS, and Chromebook.
Troubleshooting by Running Laptop Diagnostics
How do I run Family Zone diagnostics on a Windows or Mac laptop? Premium Members use these steps on the child's computer to check if the monitoring is synching and filtering.
Troubleshooting Submit Laptop Diagnostics
What do you do when Family Zone asks you to run diagnostics on your Windows or Mac laptop? Learn how our support team will help you resolve any error messages from the Family Zone Application.
Troubleshooting a Family Zone for Laptops Block Page
How do you unblock a web page on your Child's Mac or Windows computer? Premium Members can login and grant access from the Block Page. Or the Child can request access from the Block Page.