Troubleshooting Restore or Update Your Child's iOS Device

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Child's devices: iPhone and iPad

Missing Connect App Icon or Updates

The following troubleshooting steps are used when the Connect App is installed on a Child's Device, but the icon or app needs a manual update.

Restore the Connect App Icon

Your Child can delete the Connect App icon from their iPhone or iPad, but that does not delete the Connect App. The missing icon can be a problem for Premium Members. Your Child would open their Connect App to ask you for Play time or access to blocked websites.

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Swipe left until you see the App Library
    Tap in the App Library search
  2. Type Connect 
  3. Hold your finger on the Connect App icon
    Tap Add to Home Screen

A Parent with a Premium Membership can use their Connect App as a remote control to allow access. However, it is easier if your Child uses their Connect App to ask you for the change. Their Connect App will copy the information so all you (the Parent) needs to do is Approve Quick Time Access in the iOS App, Approve a Borrow Request or Ignore a To Do item.

Manually Update in the App Store

You may be running an out of date version of the Connect App if you have turned automatic updates off. Some iOS users turn the automatic updates off to avoid unexpected mobile data charges or because they want to choose what is updated.

On a Parent's or a Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the App Store, search for "Family Zone Connect"
    Tap UPDATE 
  2. Or in the What's New screen, tap UPDATE 
  3. After the Connect App downloads, tap OPEN

For more details on updating apps in the App Store 

We recommend you set the App Store to automatically update apps. See Apple's website for information about allowing apps and updates to be downloaded over mobile data.