Remove a Device

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Parent's app: iOS or Android

Remove a Device from the Family

Would you like to deactivate tracking on your child's device and lend it to a relative while they visit? Or, is your child's device no longer going to be used and you want to remove it from your Family? 

Deactivate Monitoring

The first step is to stop Family Zone from looking for your child's device through the internet. 

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. In Settings, tap Devices 
  2. Tap on the name of the Device you no longer want to track
  4. At the Deactivate confirmation message, tap Yes, remove 
  5. Required, at the top-left, tap the < left-arrow to save the changes 

After you click the left arrow, a message is sent to Family Zone's systems to stop looking for this device. Continue with the steps below to Remove the Device from your Family.

Remove Family Zone

When a Device is not monitored, you can remove it from the Family and uninstall Connect from the device.

  1. In Settings > Devices, tap the red Device not monitored 
  2. Tap the X next to Remove device
  3. At the Remove confirmation message, tap Remove 
  4. The Devices page is automatically displayed

You can uninstall Connect from the Device you removed from the Family. If you will no longer own the Device, we recommend you use the manufacturer's instructions to do a factory reset to remove all data from the Device.