Remove a Child or Parent from your Account

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Parent's app: iOS or Android

Remove a Family Member

Parents and guardians may want to remove a child from their Connect App because they may no longer need to monitor a child's web content.

On a parent's phone or tablet:

Removing a Child from your account

In this example, a nephew named Paul spent the summer with his cousins. He's gone back home for the school year, and you want to remove his user information from the family.

  1. In Family, tap on the child's icon 
  2. Tap Edit 
  3. Go to the bottom of their USER PROFILE
  5. At the confirmation, tap Yes
  6. The Connect App returns you to the Family screen
    Note: the Child's icon has been removed

Removing a Parent from your account

In this example, a caregiver is no longer working with the family. You no longer want this user to have parent access to your family's web content monitoring.  

Before You Start

Only the primary parent (the first parent to set up the Family Zone account) can remove parent users.

  1. In Family, tap Parents 
  2. Tap the parent's or caregiver's name 
  3. Tap Edit 
  4. Tap Remove from family 
  5. At the Remove? confirmation, tap YES 
  6. Tap the ← back arrow to return to the Family screen

What is a parent versus a shared parent?

A parent in Connect is a guardian in the home who is allowed to change the monitoring settings and edit family details.

A shared parent in Connect is a guardian typically outside the parent home with a separate Family Zone account with different monitoring rules for a child's activity.

A parent or shared parent can be any guardian, such as grandparents or babysitters.

Adding or removing parent or shared parent access uses the Family menu. The first parent (primary parent) adds shared parents through the family section.