Troubleshooting Reinstate Device Management on iOS Devices

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Child's devices: iOS 14 and newer iPhones or iPads 

Excludes: iOS 13 Apple Devices

Article type: Optional steps

Restore Connect on iOS Devices

Parents will get a Red Alert when a Child has tampered with or tried to remove the Connect App. The Connect App cannot be fully deleted from a Child's iPhone or iPad unless the app is deactivated by a Parent first. Parents can restore Connect to an iOS Device when it's been tampered with.

Restore the Connect App Icon

The most common issue is a Child deletes the Connect App icon from their iPhone or iPad. But, deleting the icon does not delete the Connect App! 

The missing icon can be a problem for Premium Members, because their Child cannot request Play time or access to blocked websites without the Connect App. Use these steps to restore the icon.

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Swipe left until you see the App Library
    Tap in the App Library search
  2. Type Connect 
  3. Hold your finger on the Connect App icon
    Tap Add to Home Screen

A Parent with a Premium Membership can use their Connect App as a remote control to allow access, however it's easier if your Child uses their Connect App to ask. Their Connect App will copy the information so a Parent only has to Approve or Ignore the To Do with the request.

Manually Update the Connect App

Another reason a Child can stop the Connect App is automatic updates are turned automatic updates off. Some iOS Parents turn the automatic updates off to avoid unexpected mobile data charges or because, as a Parent, they want to choose what is updated. 

As a Parent, you can manually update the Connect App to get the latest compatibility with privacy updates from Apple.

On a a Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the App Store, search for "Family Zone Connect"
    Tap UPDATE 
  2. Or in the What's New screen, tap UPDATE 
  3. After the Connect App downloads, tap OPEN

For more details on updating apps in the App Store 

We recommend you set the App Store to automatically update apps. See Apple's website for information about allowing apps and updates to be downloaded over mobile data. 

Reset your Child's Cyber Safety Profile

Child's devices: iOS only

Excludes: Parent's iOS Devices and Schools requiring kids to use Connect in Filter-Only mode

In October 2021, functionality was added to the Apple iOS Settings to prevent your Child from deleting the Connect App on an iPhone or iPad. 

If you are receiviing Red Alerts that your Child's Device was tampered with -- or were a customer before October 2021 -- use these instructions to install a new iOS Profile. 

Before you start

  • Have your Parent PIN, email and password ready
  • Have the Passcode for your Child's iPhone or iPad

Temporarily deactivate the monitoring

On your Child's iPhone or iPad:

  1. Tap the gear icon 
  2. Enter your 4-digit Parent PIN 
  4. At Remove controller, tap OK  

Sign in and setup the new profile 


  1. Return to the Connect App and Sign in
    Use your Parent email and password
  2. Tap CHILD 
  3. Tap on your Child's name 
  4. Tap NEXT 
  6. At the confirmation message, tap Install 
    Tap Close 

Add the Profile in the iOS Settings 

  1. In the iOS Settings, tap Profile Downloaded 
  2. Tap Install 
  3. Enter the passcode for this iPhone or iPad 
  4. Tap Next 
  5. Tap Manage 
  6. At Remote Management, tap Trust 
    Tap Done 
  7. In the Connect App, tap Done
  8. In Notifications, tap ALLOW 
    This option may not appear if Notifications were already on
  9. At "Would you like to track the location of this device?", recommended tap ALLOW 

If you receive a "Red alert: Device management removed" in your Parent's Connect App, Ignore the To Do. This notification is sent when you Deactivate Family Zone to trigger the update to the Profile.