Red Alert: Location permissions have not been granted

Your Child's phone or tablet is connected to Family Zone, but not sending Location data. Or, your Child's iOS Device is managed by their School and you are using Connect App in Filter-only Mode.

May also appear as "Permissions have not been granted."

Applies to

Premium Members

Child's Device
  • Android
  • iOS

Parent Notifications
  • To do in Connect App
  • Connect App pop-up notification
  • Email

Excludes: Devices in the home only using the filtered Family WiFi on the Family Zone Box in Australia and New Zealand

Your next steps

You cannot find your Child's phone or tablet

If the Location was active and later turned off you may be able to see where the Device was last seen in the Location History. The Location history is available for the past 7 days.

As a Parent, try looking at Recent Activity in your Connect App to guess where your Child might have last used their iOS or Android Device.

Their web activity will help you see the last time the Device was online. You may also be able to see if they were playing or studying based on the types of web activity.

You have your Child's Device

Premium Members can turn the Location Tracking on:

You no longer own the Device

Remove the Device from your Family:

You want to clear the Alert from your To Dos 

Ignore the current Alert in To Do to erase it forever

You want to or don't want to get email and notifications

Use these steps to change your email notifications:

You can change the notification settings on your own Android or iOS device: