Red Alert: Location permissions have not been granted

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members with Location tracking turned on Apple iOS or Android phones and tablets. Also applies to Apple iOS devices where Filter Only is used.

Why did I get this alert?

Family Zone will send you this Alert if your child disables location permission from their iPhone or Android phone or laptop. You will only receive this Alert if you’ve turned the Location feature on your child's Apple or Android laptop or tablet, or if Family Zone is installed in Filter Only mode on your child’s Apple device.

Why do I still have the alert when I have the permission set to allow “when using the app”?

On your Child's phone or tablet, you need to go into the Settings and allow the Connect App to access the Android or iOS Location data. See the last steps in the install instructions for where to find the Location Settings.

Can I fix the location permission remotely?

No. You must have physical access to your Child's phone or tablet.

What is Apple Filter Only mode?

Filter Only mode allows us to work with Schools that have a policy of controlling your child's device while they are at school, or who have given your child a device for school use.

Why can't I accept location permissions on my Child's phone or tablet?

Other parental control apps, like Apple Screen Time or Google Family Link, are not compatible with Family Zone Connect. Go to the software developer's website for uninstall instructions. Remove the other app if you want to allow the Connect App to manage the phone or tablet.

I received the notification but I can’t see a To do in my account. Why?

This likely means either:

 If you are at all concerned, check the last known Location of your Child's device using Recent Activity.