Red Alert: Hazardous App found

Your Child's phone or tablet is running an app used to bypass the cyber safety tools. 

Applies to

Insights and Premium Members

Child's Device
  • Android
  • iOS

Parent Notifications
  • To do in Connect App
  • Connect App pop-up notification
  • Email

Your next steps

Hazardous apps can allow your child to bypass your internet filter and stop it from working. They include VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), web proxies, screen recorders, and keyloggers. It's rare that a child would have a legitimate reason to have these types of apps installed on their phone or tablet.

You cannot find your Child's phone or tablet

Get more information about the hazardous app. When you tap on the app name, you will see an explanation of why the app is risky for your Child's age group.

Discuss why you are filtering risky web content and activities. Ask your Child to provide the Device to you so you can remove the app. Need help having the discussion? Get advice from our Online Safety Experts:

If you are a Premium Member, you can make a Quick Time change to all of your Child's Devices. Put their account into Sleep Routine, which disconnects web access on all other Devices running Family Zone.

You have your Child's Device

Insights and Premium Members can remove the hazardous app from their Child's Device.

Premium Members will be able to access detailed instructions for removing VPNs and popular hazardous apps through their Online Safety Expert's link.

You no longer own the Device

Remove the Device from your Family:

You want to clear the Alert from your To Dos 

Ignore the current Alert in To Do to erase it forever

You want to or don't want to get email and notifications

Use these steps to change your email notifications:

You can change the notification settings on your own Android or iOS device: