Red Alert: Device Not Seen in 14 Days

Applies to: Premium Members
Devices connected only to the Family Zone Box (like gaming consoles, smart TVs)

Why did I get this alert?

Family Zone monitors your child's devices to make sure that they are working correctly and that your children are protected. If Family Zone hasn't seen a device you've registered for over 2 weeks we let you know so you can find out what's going on. There may be a problem with the device, filtering may be disabled, or it may just have been switched off.

What do I need to do when I get this alert?

Simply use the device to browse the web when Family Zone protection is running or on your Home Network. We’ll detect the traffic and remove this alert within a few minutes. 

If the alert doesn’t disappear, on the device go to This page will confirm if the device is being protected. If the device is not being protected then you will need to reinstall the Family Zone app onto the device. 

How do I check Family Zone is working correctly?

Grab the device and go to in the web browser.  You should see a page saying that the device is filtered or monitored. If the page says the device isn’t filtered or monitored then you should restore the Family Zone app.

How can I fix Family Zone filtering?

You’ll need to make sure that the Family Zone app is installed correctly and registered.

I don’t have that device anymore. What can I do?

You should cancel the Family Zone service for that device.

Why does the alert keep coming up after I’ve ignored it?

We resend the alerts every 14 days if there is no open To do and still no usage for that device. To stop the notifications you’ll either need to generate traffic on the device or mute the notifications.

The device isn’t being used at the moment, how can I stop the notifications coming through?

You can mute the device not seen notifications for 1, 2 or 4 weeks of forever. You can unmute the device at any time using the Family Zone parent app.