Red Alert: Device Not Seen in 14 Days

Your Child's laptop, phone or tablet has not connected to Family Zone within the past 2 weeks. 

Applies to

Insights and Premium Members

Child's Device
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Chromebook 
  • Chrome Extension

Parent Notifications
  • To do in Connect App
  • Connect App pop-up notification
  • Email

Excludes: Devices in the home only using the filtered Family WiFi on the Family Zone Box in Australia and New Zealand

Your next steps

You cannot find your Child's phone or tablet

Phones and most tablets will be able to send the Device Location. Look at the last known Location in Recent Activity.

You cannot find your Child's laptop or Device 

Laptops cannot send the Location. Phones and tablets cannot send the Location if the optional Location Tracking was turned off. Instead, look at the Snapshots and Usage to approximate where the Device might have been based on the last seen web activity.

You have your Child's Device

You have your Child's Device, but got the warning that the Device has not been seen. The Device settings may need to be reactivated or your Child may have bypassed the cyber safety.

  • Restart your Child's Device to clear our any open activity
  • Open a web browser (Safari or Chrome) on their Device
  • Go to the diagnostic page
    Refresh the page
    The Alert will clear within 2 minutes of the the diagnostic page showing the Device is Filtered

If the diagnostic page shows the Device is not filtered, ensure User Tracking is turned on for your Child's phone or tablet

If User Tracking was turned on, reinstall Connect to restore the all the cyber safety components:

We recommend you turn on Location Tracking on your Child's phone or tablet

You no longer own the Device

Remove the Device from your Family:

You want to clear the Alert from your To Dos 

Ignore the current Alert in To Do to erase it forever

You want to or don't want to get email and notifications

Use these steps to change your email notifications:

You can change the notification settings on your own Android or iOS device: