Red Alert: Family Zone App removed

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members with Apple iOS devices, Android devices, Windows or Mac OS laptops

Excludes: Chromebooks

Why did I get this alert?

Your child has removed the Family Zone app from their device.

Users with administrative access to devices are able to remove the Family Zone app. We monitor Family Zone protected devices to ensure that they have all the components required to ensure the device is protected which includes the Family Zone app.

What do I need to do when I get this alert?

Speak to your child and then reinstall the Family Zone application. 

If you have enabled Consequences then your child will likely be in Sleep Time. You can change their access on the Family Zone App.

How do I reinstall Family Zone on a Windows or Mac computer?

Download the latest Family Zone application from our website onto the device that you want to be protected. Once you’ve done that, simply install the application again. It should automatically register back onto your account, but you should check to make sure.

How do I reinstall the Family Zone app on my child’s Apple iOS or Android smart device?

You can download the app from the Apple App or Google Play stores. It should automatically register back onto your account, but you should check to make sure.

What if I no longer want that device protected by Family Zone?

You’ll need to cancel the Family Zone service via your online account.

Why can my child remove the Family Zone application?

We can't stop your child from attempting to remove the app if they have administrative access to the device.

What we do is monitor all devices protected by Family Zone and notify parents and schools as soon as we become aware that the Family Zone has been removed.

Can I prevent my child from removing the Family Zone apps?

Yes, there are steps that you can take on devices that will stop children from being able to uninstall Family Zone. This will mean that they are unable to remove any applications.

Why would my child delete Family Zone?

Your child is probably trying to bypass your controls or to hide what they are doing. This may be because the controls are too strict or that they wish to do improper things. Talk to your child and find out what they are trying to access and, if applicable, adjust controls accordingly.

How do I deal with regular behavior like this?

Breakdowns in behavior are an opportunity to communicate and engage with your child.

Are there settings that may discourage my child from violating controls?

Yes, customers with a Premium subscription can set consequences for when children violate controls. 

I received the notification but I can’t see a To do in my account. Why?

This likely means either:

  1. The issue has been resolved and we’ve detected Family Zone has been reinstalled, or

  2. The Family Zone service has been canceled through your online account, or

  3. Another user with parent access has closed the To do.

 If you are at all concerned, you should check the device.

Why do I see both Family Zone and Mobile Zone mentioned?

The original Family Zone software and apps were identified by different names to make sense of the differences in the computers and devices. As manufacturers like Apple and Google have standardized their software across mobile devices and computers, so have we.