Red Alert: Connect App removed

Your Child's iPhone or iPad is not running Connect. Family Zone has detected all or part of the Connect App has been removed.

Applies to

Insights and Premium Members

Child's Device
  • iOS

Parent Notifications
  • To do in Connect App
  • Connect App pop-up notification
  • Email

Excludes: Devices in the home only using the filtered Family WiFi on the Family Zone Box in Australia and New Zealand

Your next steps

You have your Child's iPhone or iPad 

Insights and Premium Members should reinstall Connect on their Child's iOS Device.

If you already used Consequences to turn off all internet access, Cancel the Sleep Time Consequence in a Parent's Connect App

You no longer want to track the iPhone or iPad

Delete the iPhone or iPad from your Family Devices you do want to monitor.

Your Child does this to get into unsafe online activities 

Not sure how to have the conversation?  Uninstalling the Connect App and removing content filtering may be a defiant act. Your Child may not understand how risky their online activities really are. Get some help from our Cyber Experts.

You want to stop all web access when rules are broken

Premium Members can turn off internet access to all Devices if your Child breaks your cyber safety rules. The bedtime Routine called Sleep is turned on until a Parent turns it off.

Choose to Put users into “sleep” time if Family Zone Connect is removed

If your Child breaks the rule, our Cyber Experts have tips to help you talk to your Child about the risks.

As a Parent, you can Cancel the Sleep Time Consequence in their Connect App after you are satisfied they are safe.

You want to clear the Alert from the To Dos

Ignore the current Alert in To Do to erase it forever

You want to or don't want to get email and notifications

Use these steps to change your email notifications:

You can change the notification settings on your own Android or iOS device: