Troubleshooting Kids Bypassing Filters

Applies to: Premium Members

Child's devices: Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Apple iOS, Android

Keeping Devices Secure

Children may break rules. Some children will attempt to bypass the filtering. Connect is designed to prevent children from removing or bypassing the web content filtering.

Parents will receive notifications if their Child's Device has accessed inappropriate web content. 

Incomplete Installation 

One of the causes is the Permissions were not granted (or have been turned off) on their Child's Device.

Use the install steps to ensure all the permissions are turned on. Restart the phone or tablet after confirming the settings to clear out any open connections.

Example: If location permissions are not granted on iOS, then a red alert will be sent to the parent.

Turning Off the Permissions

Example: A Child uses admin access to turn off the permissions used by Connect to monitor web content.

Use these steps to remove the Child's admin access and reinstall Connect on your Childs device:

Turning Off the VPN on iOS

Example: If Connect on Demand Setting is disabled in an iPad or iPhone, the Connect App can turn the VPN back on within 2 to 3 minutes. A Red Alert will be sent to the Parents, if the VPN is re-enabled 4 times within 15 minutes.

Go to the middle of the install instructions and complete the permissions to allow Connect to monitor the phone or tablet:

Bypassing Filtering 

Monitor and alert the parents of attempts to bypass the Family Zone Connect filtering. 

Example 1: Both Apple and Android allow any device owner the capability to delete any app. If the Connect app is uninstalled, then a red alert will be sent.

Example 2: If the Family Zone Client is removed from a Windows or Mac laptop or computer, your Child is set up as an administrator. The instructions to reinstate Connect include setting you as the Admin and your Child as a Standard user who cannot install or remove software.

Use the instructions above to reinstate (reinstall) Connect.

Missing Devices 

Report when Family Zone monitoring has not received data from the device in the past 14 days.

Example: Family Zone’s catch-all alert. If a device has not generated any filtering requests in 14 days then an alert is sent to inform parents. If the device is no longer with the Family it can be removed.

Use the last known Location in Recent Activity to find phones or tablets. 

Review up to the last 4 weeks of activity in the Snapshots to determine what was being accessed and when a laptop, phone or tablet. This information may help your Child remember where they left their device.

If you no longer have the Device, see:

Push Notifications and Email Alerts

Discussions of cyber safe activities between family members is important. Family Zone uses notifications and emails to help Parents and Children know what online activities to talk about.

  • Push Notifications on Mobile Devices
    - turned on or off on a Child's or Parent's Android or iOS Settings

    Examples: When turned on, a Child gets an onscreen reminder when Play time is about to run out. Or, a Parents get an onscreen message when a Child is requesting access to a website or online activity.

  • Weekly Reports Emails
    - turned off in the Parent's app by going to Settings > Reports & Usage

    Example: Email summarizing the percentages and types of internet usage for tracked Users under 18. (Family members 18 years and older are not tracked by default.)

  • To Do Notifications and Emails for Parents
    - Parents cannot turn off the To Do email, but Parents can permanently ignore an Alert in the To Do section

    Example: A Child's mobile phone or tablet has not been seen for 14 days and a Parent knows the device is broken. Parents open the To Do and use Ignore to permanently remove the message.

  • Australia and New Zealand School Community Emails
    - turned on or off in the Parent's app by going to Settings > Reports & Usage

    Example: Family Zone Partner Schools can invite Parents to share the data used to manage a Child's device. Parents who accept the invitation receive a weekly report of the Child's online activity inside school.

    US Schools: contact your School IT to change your email settings