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  1. Install the Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do you set up the Family Zone Box in Australia or New Zealand using your Android device? Here's how to use the app to set up a Home network for monitoring web content in your home.
  2. Install on a Child's iPhone or iPad

    How do you install Family Zone on your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium Members can monitor the web content apps a Child is using by setting up the Family Zone app on their Child's device.
  3. Schools and Family Zone (Australia and New Zealand)

    How can Parents and Schools work together to protect kids from inappropriate web content? Learn how Family Zone works with Schools in Australia and New Zealand to protect your Child's online activity.
  4. Troubleshooting Reinstate Device Management on iOS Devices

    How do you restore the monitoring or filtering on your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium Members use these steps to reinstate the Connect App on an iOS device.
  5.  Troubleshooting Kids Bypassing Filters

    How do parents and Family Zone prevent kids from bypassing the filters and protection? Understand what alerts and steps to take when a child's device is circumventing Family Zone's online safety app.
  6. Install on a Child's macOS

    How do you install Family Zone onto a macOS laptop or desktop? Insights and Premium Members download the Family Zone software from our website, install it, and assign the monitoring to their Child.
  7. Family Zone Compatibility Guide

    Which Android and Apple iOS are supported? Find the minimum version of operating system required to run Family Zone Apps. Learn about the mobile devices and phones compatible with Family Zone.
  8. Install on a Child's Android

    How do you install the Connect App on your Child's Android device? Insights and Premium Members can set up and allow the permissions for monitoring web activity on a Child's phone or tablet.
  9. Troubleshooting Location Services on Apple iOS Devices

    Insights and Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot how to keep the Location Settings always active on a Child's iPhone or iPad.
  10. Family Zone for Mobile Devices Guide

    What are Family Zone Apps and Applications? Learn how to protect your family from potentially harmful online content by installing Family Zone Apps on phones and tablets, and Applications on laptops.