Popular Articles

  1. Troubleshooting CA Certificates on Android 10, 11 or 12

    How do you install a CA Certificate on your Child's Android phone or tablet? Parents use these steps to install a Certificate Authority in the Settings on a Child's Android 10, 11 or 12 device.
  2. Ask Your Parent for Access to Page Blocked Website

    How can a kid ask for access when a "Page blocked"? Kids of Premium Members can ask their Parent for access during Play, Study, or Sleep time. Or, ask School IT for access during School time.
  3. Troubleshooting Device Not Filtered

    What steps do you take when you see a message that a Child's device is not filtered? Premium Members use these tips to troubleshoot cyber safety on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.
  4. Red Alert: Location permissions have not been granted

    What a "Red Alert: Location permissions have not been granted" notification means in Family Zone Insights or Premium, and what to do about it.
  5. Red Alert: Notification Permissions Have Not Been Granted

    What does a "Red Alert: Connect notification permissions have not been granted" notification means? Learn what the Apple iOS message means. Find the steps to monitor an iPad or iPhone.
  6. Red Alert: Device Not Seen in 14 Days

    What the "Red Alert: Device not seen in 14 days" notification in Family Zone Insights or Premium means and what to do when you receive it.
  7. Customize Filtering Rules

    How do you customize the types of web content your Child can access? Premium Members can filter a Child's content by type, such as games, search engine results, and YouTube video ratings.
  8. Install on a Child's Windows Laptop

    How do you install Family Zone onto a Child's Windows device? Setup Family Zone on Windows as a new or existing member. Use Insights to monitor web activity or Premium to set up content filtering.
  9. Schools and Family Zone (Australia and New Zealand)

    How can Parents and Schools work together to protect kids from inappropriate web content? Learn how Family Zone works with Schools in Australia and New Zealand to protect your Child's online activity.
  10. Install on a Child's iPhone or iPad

    How do you install Family Zone on your Child's iPhone or iPad? Insights and Premium Members can monitor the web content apps a Child is using by setting up the Family Zone app on their Child's device.