Temporarily Allow a Website

Applies to: Premium Members 

Child's device: Android or iOS device

Article type: Advanced options

Access Restricted to a Website

Parents may want to allow their Child to access a blocked website. The access can be temporary or permanent or during a specific daily routine time. 

Parent Signs in to Child's Device

From the "Access restricted" page on your Child's phone or tablet:

  1. Tap Parent settings
  2. Enter your 4 digit PIN
    Tap NEXT
  3. Select the type of access:

    a. This website is already allowed during a different daily Routine time
    In SWAP ACCESS TO, tap a Routine time (Play, Study, School, Sleep)

    b. Permanently allow all Children in this age group to access this website during specified Routine times
    In SITE ACCESS, tap a Routine time

    c. Use your Parent sign in to grant temporary, timed access to this website
    In BORROWING, select your name and tap LOAN

The Connect for Laptops steps are similar. If your Child is using a laptop see: Troubleshooting Connect for Laptops Page Blocked 

Allow Temporary Access as a Parent

If you are granting temporary access, you have a couple more steps.

  1. Select a Parent
  2. Tap LOAN
  3. Select the amount of time

Your Child will now be able to access the web page. 

The Parent's access temporary turns off filtering until midnight or when a Parent uses their Device to End Their Borrow Request

If you use one of the other access options, your Child may run into another Block Page warning if this is a complex website. This may be because some websites use multiple web addresses to display images and data. Our systems are set up to group the sources of blocked content and may block more of the page.