Parent Accounts Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

When you first create a Family Zone account, you will be set as the Primary Parent. As the Primary Parent, you have special rights including the ability to create other parents in your family. 

What can Parent accounts do?

Full account access

The Primary Parent Account has rights to the Family Zone settings and billing. The Primary Parent can add Parents, Children, Adults, and turn on or off the Guest feature.

A Parent account has full rights to edit the Child's settings, to create additional parents, and to add family members. Parent accounts are also created for guardians who may need to monitor a child's internet access.

Modify family members

Parents have the ability to set custom settings for Child users.

Unrestricted internet access

By default, Parents are not blocked or tracked in Family Zone. Parents can log in and change the monitoring or filtering settings.

How do parents know what a child is doing online?

For the users and devices monitored by Family Zone, a Parent user receives:

  • Notifications about potentially harmful internet activity
  • Reports on the types of online activity
  • Requests to unblock or borrow devices (Premium Members only)

How do I set up the primary parent?

The user who creates the Family Zone account has the primary parent permissions for billing and full account permissions. The primary parent account cannot be deleted.

Alert: Do not give parent access to your child

Only parents should have access to the Family Zone account and family settings.  Do not configure your child as a Parent and do not give your kids access to any of the Parent accounts. Your kids do not need access to the Family Zone Parent settings.

Why is the parent's PIN important?

All parent users need PINs to register a new device, allow a child to borrow a device, and change a user's account security settings.

Parent access can be removed

Users with parent access can assign or remove a user's parent access. The user will receive a notification after their access is changed.

Shared parenting

The primary parent receives requests relating to shared parenting arrangements. Shared parenting refers to situations where a user resides in more than one location and the relevant homeowners wish to define parental control settings that will apply in their respective homes.

Note: Disputes between parents

Family Zone will not arbitrate disputes between parents. We will at all times comply with the requests of the primary parent.

How many parents can a Family Zone account have?

An account can have any number of family members with Parent access. We caution the use of this feature and suggest it be limited to one or two parents maximum.

What can I do with parent access?

Parent access allows users to receive usage notifications, access requests, customize routines, internet access, control social media and device features.

Why can't I give my kids parent access?

If kids have Parent access, they can log into the Family Zone App and change their internet access and routines.

Why can't I use the same email address for all parents?

We require a different email address for each Parent as we send account notifications, usage reports, and more.

Can I have the same PIN for all parents?

You can, but it's not recommended.

Does Family Zone track usage for parents?

Parents and adults are not tracked by default however this setting can be changed.

Can you see my bank details?

No, we cannot see any secure information such as banking details, superannuation details, email contents, etc.

Can I filter adults?

Yes, the Adult Profile can be modified to include blocking on certain categories at your discretion.