Online Safety Hub

Available through participating schools

Your Online Safety Hub

The Online Safety Hub is a website for parents and guardians that explains the risks of different kinds of online activity and what actions you can take to keep your child safe online. 

Your online safety experts are psychologists, educators, and former law enforcement. They add and update your Hub with information you need about online trends.

Why go it alone? Your online safety experts provide simple explanations of online behavior, internet risks, and apps.

Accessing Your Hub

Your school's Online Safety Hub is a free resource available to all parents and guardians with children at the school. You don’t need a Family Zone account to use the Hub. 

Your child's school will send you a link to your Online Safety Hub website.

Online Parenting Guide Information & Guides 

Digital parenting is a big responsibility. So, how do you discuss online safety with your kids? In your Online Safety Hub

  1. Go to Parent Advice >  Information & Guides 
  2. Use the guides and information packs to learn more about important safety topics like sexting and screen time management or dive deep into the apps, games and sites your children are using
  3. Find further information about potential online dangers

Hot Online Safety Topics  

Knowledge is power. Learn about the popular new apps and websites kids are using. 

  1. In your Online Safety Hub, go to  Parent Advice > Hot Topics to keep an eye on trends among children and teens
  2. Get answers to questions parents are asking about online activities
  3. Use detailed advice to decide how to handle your child’s access to a game, app or website

Online Safety Technology Advice

Our online safety experts have your back. Get age-appropriate controls for sites, apps, games and social media.

  1. Find the Online Safety Tech in your Online Safety Hub
  2. Learn from the guides for your computers, phones, tablets or gaming consoles
  3. Get simple explanations of the devices your child is using
  4. Follow the steps to use the manufacturer’s tools to protect your child from online risks

App & Game Reviews

Our experts review and rate apps, providing you with information that can help you quickly decide if an app or game is appropriate for your child. 

  1. Find the Apps & Game Reviews in your Online Safety Hub
  2. Look for the app or game in a  list of apps
  3. Read a summary of the app and the online behaviour
  4. Quickly assess the risks
  5. Choose the actions to make the game or app safer

Not Finding the Information You Need?

End the guesswork. Ask an online safety expert. You are not alone. 

 You can request an article from your Online Safety Hub

  1. Open Parent Advice or Hot Topics
  2. Select Request new article 
  3. Fill out the request form 
  4. Your School and our Family Zone online safety experts will get information into the Hub

Did you notice a Staff Portal? 

Teachers and counselors can use the Hub for online safety lesson plans and tools.