Online Safety Expert Advice Guide

Applies to: Insights Members, Premium Members

Family Zone alerts Parents and offers insights when risky online activity is detected. Accompanying these alerts is advice from a renowned team of Online Safety Experts. If your child downloads a dating app or accesses a pornographic website -- you will have the advice and information to deal with it in an effective manner.

What is Online Safety Expert Advice?

Online Safety Expert Advice is the explanation and risk ratings for the content your Child may be accessing on their devices. Understand why this app or website may be inappropriate for your Child's age group. Get tips on how to talk to your Child about the potential dangers. 

Where does the advice come from?

Online Safety Experts are third-party psychologists, sociologists, and child behavior specialists. Family Zone shares their advice in our apps and weekly emails. Some work directly with your Child's School, while others may be an online safety expert from your country.

If your Online Safety Expert is working directly with your school, your School will provide you with a link to the School's Online Safety Hub. Get news and guidance regarding the internet content concerns specific to your Child's School.

What activity generates this advice?

Online Safety Expert advice can be accessed by Parents in their Family Zone apps and weekly emails:

Where can I get more advice?

You can get more advice and support in our Online Safety Experts blog.

What type of advice do they offer?

Our Online Safety Experts can offer advice on general internet safety as well as:

  • What’s “Normal” in your Child's age group
  • How to have conversations with your child
  • How to handle devices used for defiant or potentially risky behavior
  • What’s good and bad about the internet
  • Which games and social media platforms are reasonable for your Child's age group