New Articles

  1. Remove a Child or Parent from your Account

    How do you remove a child or parent user? Insights and Premium members use the Connect App on their Android or iOS to remove users from their account.
  2. Seeing what apps your child has installed

    How do you see which apps are installed on a child's phone or tablet? Insights and Premium Members can get online safety ratings and explanations of the risk of an app in your child's age group.
  3. Change a Child's Details in the Connect App

    How do you update your child's details? Insights and Premium Members can edit their child's name, birthdate, and time zone. See the updated details in Weekly Reports, Alerts, and Routines.
  4. Troubleshooting No Online Safety Expert Emails

    What steps do I take to get Online Safety Expert tips by email? Insights and Premium Members can troubleshoot missing Online Safety Expert alerts and tips by checking these settings.
  5. Add a Printer or Smart Home Device to your Family Zone Box

    How do you connect a printer or smart home device to the Box? Premium Members in Australia & New Zealand use the Android or iOS app to connect home devices to the Unfiltered WiFi or to a Parent.
  6. Buy a Family Zone Box (Australia and New Zealand)

    How do Insights or Premium Members in Australia or New Zealand buy a Family Zone Box? Add a Box to filter devices in your home like gaming consoles, streaming media, and voice assistants.
  7. Remove a Guest or Duplicate Device from your Family Zone Box

    How do you remove unknown or duplicate devices from your home WiFi? Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand use their Android app to remove Guest devices from their Family Zone Box network.
  8. Accept the Primary Parent Role in the Connect Android App

    How do you accept the role of Primary Parent? Insights and Premium Members who are Shared Parents can accept an email invitation on their Android device and take charge of their Child's details.
  9. Change the Shared Parent Monitoring a Child in the Connect Android App

    How do you take charge of your Child's monitoring when using Shared Parenting? Insights or Premium Members use the Connect app to switch the monitoring when the Child arrives in their home.
  10. Remove a Safe Network using a Parent’s Android Device

    How do your remove a manually entered Safe Network? Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand can use their Android to delete a Safe Network to switch back to Family Zone monitoring.