Notifications, Red Alerts, Alarms and ToDos


Troubleshooting To Dos
Why are you missing the To Do notifications in your email? Insights and Premium Members use these steps to ensure they are notified of important actions they need to take to protect kids online.
Troubleshooting Kids Bypassing Filters
How do parents and Family Zone prevent kids from bypassing the filters and protection? Understand what alerts and steps to take when a child's device is circumventing Family Zone's online safety app.
Troubleshooting Alerts & Consequences
What steps do you take to turn off your child's consequences such as hidden apps or Sleep time? Premium Members can fix the restrictions turned on when a child breaks internet access rules.
Troubleshooting Behavioral Alerts & Red Flags
Find the steps Premium Members can take to troubleshoot receiving Alerts. Know if notifications and emails about a Child's online behavior and cyber safety are turned on and going to the right email.
Troubleshooting No Email to Parents About App Install
Why am I not receiving email notifications when my child installs an app on their phone or tablet? Premium Members use these steps to fix issues with the monitoring of app installs.
Troubleshooting Notification with No To Do
Why am I getting To do notifications but no To do is listed in my app? Insights and Premium Members can troubleshoot missing To do items using these steps.