How to Turn On YouTube Restrictions in a Web Browser?

Applies to: Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: May not be available in the US

Limited to: Premium Members with Children using devices with iOS 12 (2018) and older 

Excludes: Children using iPads and iPhones running iOS 13 (2019) and newer Article type: Advanced options

Article type: Optional steps

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From a computer:

  1. In a web browser, go to
  2. Sign in as a Parent

  3. In Users > Family, click on your Child's name

  4. Click on the Profile name

  5. To the right of the Age profile, click on Web categories

  6. Select Search and streaming media

  7. Click on the Routine times to allow (blue) or block (red) in two categories
    General YouTube Access
    Mature YouTube content

What settings do I need to have so that YouTube restrictions are enabled?

YouTube restrictions are enabled when Mature and categorized YouTube content is blocked (red).

Do I need to save changes?

No, Family Zone saves the changes as you make them.

What does blocking General YouTube access do?

Blocking General YouTube Access blocks all access to YouTube through the website and apps.

Can I have different rules for different children?

Yes, if they are in different age profiles.

How do I know which Age Profile my child is in?

You can see what age profile your child is in from their user dashboard accessed by going Users > Familthen clicking on your child.

TIP: Clicking on the profile link will take you straight to the correct age profile for that child.

How long does it take for the changes to take effect?

Changes sync with devices connected to the internet within 2 minutes or less.

TIP: Some browsers cache data which means you might want to test your changes in an incognito or private browser session.