How to Manage Internet Filtering Rules in a Web Browser

Applies to: Premium Members in Australia and New Zealand
Please note: May not be available in the US

Applies to: Premium Members using the Web portal from a browser

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From a computer:

  1. In a web browser, go to

  2. Select the icon for the child whose Internet Filtering Rules you want to manage

  3. Select the child's Profile name in their dashboard

  4. Check the age profile is reflected in the first drop-down box

  5. Select what you want to control from the second drop-down:

    1. Web categories

    2. Search and Streaming media

    3. Social Networks and games

  6. Locate the category or app that you want to change the settings for (you can use the search function)

  7. Select on the different access periods to  block (red) or allow (blue) the category or app

Do I need to save changes?

No, Family Zone saves the changes as you make them.

How long before the change takes effect?

Internet filtering rule changes can take up to 2 minutes to take effect.

TIP: Some browsers cache data which means you might want to test your changes in an incognito or private browser session. 

How do I know which Age Profile my child is in?

You can see what age profile your child is in from their user dashboard accessed by going Users > Family then select your child.

TIP: Selecting the profile link will take you straight to the correct age profile for that child.

How do I know what category a website belongs to?

You can use our handy website check function in your online account.

Can I have different rules for different children?

If they are different Age Profiles, yes.  However, the Age Profiles set the content filtering rules for all users associated with that profile.

What do the different symbols mean?

The symbols represent the different access periods for your child’s routine:


What times are the different access periods?

The times for the different access periods are set in your child’s routine.

Can I block specific social media applications like Fortnite, Snapchat, or Instagram?

Yes, you’ll find the most popular social media apps and games in the social media and games section where you’re able to control access to some specific apps.  

If it’s not listed, try blocking “Other Social” or “Other Games”.

If school time is set by my child’s school can I change the school time policy?

You can, however, it won’t affect how your child is filtered during school time.

I’ve changed the policy but it doesn’t seem to be taking effect, what do I do?

There could be an issue with the device setup.  You can contact Family Zone Support (US | ANZ) for help.