Manage Filtering and Blocking


Troubleshooting SafeSearch
What steps do you take to troubleshoot your child being able to search for adult web content? Premium Members use these steps to fix the filtering a child using Bing or Google to see risky websites.
Troubleshooting YouTube Restrictions
What steps do you take to filter the YouTube content your child is accessing? Premium Members use a combination of Family Zone and Google settings to manage the videos a child can access.
Troubleshooting Video Streaming Services
Troubleshoot your Child's mobile device when streaming video services are blocking their login. Premium Members can temporarily stop filtering to allow a Child's device to login to the media service.
Troubleshooting Child Accessing Blocked Website
The Internet Filters & Rules don't seem to be working correctly for my Child. Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot blocking or allowing a Child access to online content.
Troubleshooting Child is Bypassing Game Blocking
Why can your child play games when Sleep time should be blocking games? Premium Members use these steps to troubleshoot kids playing games on their Android or Apple iOS device after bed time.
Troubleshooting Child is Viewing Inappropriate Search Results
Why can your child see inappropriate images and content in a Google or Bing search? Premium Members find out how to check the SafeSearch settings for mobile devices, laptops, and home networks.
Troubleshooting Device Not Filtered
What steps do you take when you see a message that a Child's device is not filtered? Premium Members use these tips to troubleshoot cyber safety on Android, iOS, Mac OS, and Windows devices.
Troubleshooting Blocking Issues in the iOS App
Why is the filtering and blocking not working on my Child's iOS device? Premium Members can troubleshoot when a child can (or cannot) access a site, app or function on an iPad or iPhone.