Manage Email Reports

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members 

Parent's app: iOS or Android 

Article type: Advanced options

Weekly Email Reports 

As a Parent, you can receive the weekly Snapshots as an email. Refer back to the emails to see the history you can refer back to as your Child's online behavior changes. With your guidance, you should see your Child adopt better management of their screen time and choices in web content.

Turn on or turn off Weekly Email Reports

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members 

You can always See Weekly Snapshots of the past four weeks of activity at any time. The email reports allow you to keep reports older than four weeks. If you do not want to receive the email reports (or want to turn the email reports back on), take the following steps.

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. In Settings, go to Reports & Usage  
  2. At Receive weekly email reports, tap to change
    Green or blue is on
    Gray is off
  3. Check your email each week for a summary of the web activity on monitored Devices 

Device Email Alerts Retired November 2021

With recent updates to Apple and Android Operating Systems, and feedback from Parents, we've made some changes to the Email Alerts and Consequences feature. We've simplified the experience for both you and your family.

The Email Alerts feature was automatically disabled on Monday, November 8, 2021.

As a Parent, you will continue to receive an Alert if your cyber safety rules are broken. You will be notified if the Connect App is removed or if hazardous apps are installed. However, we removed the Email Alerts and Consequences features.

You don't need to do anything. 

If you have any questions about these latest changes or if you need help ensuring your family is protected, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

My issue still isn’t resolved, what do I do next?

We are here to help. Sign in to your Connect App as a Parent. Go to Settings > Support center

If you don't have the Connect App

Have details available to help us troubleshoot your problem:

  • Account email
  • Child’s name
  • Devices impacted
  • Time of the issue
  • Description of the issue