Link a Child's Device to a US School

Applies to: New Insights and Premium Members

Parent's app: iOS or Android 

Exclusive to participating US Schools 

Join the School Community

Family Zone helps Parents keep their children safe and responsible online. Selected schools are participating in a program to share online activity monitoring with Parents. 

Install Connect on a Parent's phone or tablet

Wait for your Child's School to send you an invite. The email address your School used in the invite will link to your Child's School. 

On your phone or tablet:

  1. After you download the Family Zone Connect App from the App Store or Google Play
    Open the Connect App and tap Create an account 
  2. Read our data agreements
    Tap Accept
  3. At Create an account, add your contact details
    Tap Create my account 
  4. Open your email and get the confirmation code
    Enter the 6 digit number and tap Verify my account 
  5. At Welcome to Family Zone, tap Continue to setup 

Link Your Child to Their School

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. At Add a parent PIN, enter 4 numbers
    Tap Set PIN 
  2. Tap on Premium and tap on Insights to compare plans
  3. After the plan you want is displayed
    Tap Continue  
  4. At Link your children
    Tap on your Child's name to set their cyber safety age group
  5. Tap on the calendar to enter your Child's birthday
    (Android shown here, Apple iOS will offer a slightly different date selector)
    Tap OK when done
  6. Tap Continue to link 
  7. Repeat the steps to enter birthdays if you have another Child at a participating School
    When done a confirmation message is displayed
    Tap Finish setup

Install Connect on Your Child's Devices

Connect works on phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. Install Connect on all of your Child's Devices. You will be able to monitor their online activity from the Connect App on your phone or tablet.

Every device protected everywhere

Each time you install Connect on your Child's Device, that Device is added to your Connect App. Your Child's Devices will recognize the School network and switch over to the School's monitoring. While your Child's Devices are outside of School, the Connect App will track their web content.

The Connect App has preset recommendations for appropriate content and apps for your Child's age. Parents will see explanations in the Alerts and Reports from Cyber Experts on how to talk to your Child about the hazards of the apps or websites your Child is accessing based on their age.

Your Child's School has its own set of education systems to protect the students while your Child's Devices are linked to the School network. By linking your Child to the School, a Parent has the data to compare the internet activity at School to potentially risky internet activity at home.