Link a Child's Device to a US School

Applies to: Parents of students at participating US School Districts

Join the School Community

Family Zone helps parents keep their children safe and responsible online. Selected schools are participating in a program to share with parents the internet activity captured on their student's school managed devices.  Parents download and install the Family Zone Connect app to see the child’s online activity on a school managed device.  Online activity is divided into categories and shows data from the last 24 hours or seven days.

Install Connect on a Parent's phone or tablet

Wait for your child's school to send you an invite. The email address your school used in the invite will link to your child's school.

On your phone or tablet:

  1. Download the Family Zone Connect App from the App Store or Google Play
    Open the Connect App and tap Create an account 
  2. Read our data agreements and tap Next
  3. At Create an account, add your contact details and then tap Create my account 
  4. Open your email and get the confirmation code
    Enter the 6 digit number and tap Verify my account
    Note: Check the spam/junk of your inbox, our email may be being flagged as spam.
  5. At Add a parent PIN, enter 4 numbers
    Tap Save PIN

Link Your Child to Their School

On a Parent's phone or tablet:

  1. Review your child’s details and tap Continue
  2. Tap on the calendar to enter each child's date of birth on the ‘Add child details’ screen
    Tap OK when done
  3. Tap Continue to link 
  4. Tap View Activity when the confirmation message is displayed

You’ve successfully linked your child’s school account to the Connect App and will be able to view their recent school activity. 

Install Connect on Your Child's Devices

You can also install Connect on your child’s personal devices. Connect works on phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. By installing Connect on your child's devices, you’ll be able to monitor their online activity from the Connect App on your phone or tablet.