Ask Your Parent for Access to a Restricted Website

Applies to: Premium Members' kids

Kids using: macOS, Windows, Chromebook, iOS, Android 

Excludes: School managed Devices

You See “Access restricted”

If you see one of these warnings, this website looks risky for your age group.

“Access restricted”

Family Zone blocked this website. 

Ask your Parent to allow access to this website.

"Page blocked"

Your School manages this Windows or Mac computer during School hours. Your Parent may be able to allow this website outside of School.

Ask your School IT or Teacher if you need access during School time.

Ask your Parent for access during Study, Play, and Sleep time.

"Content blocked"

Your School blocked this website. 

Contact your School IT or Teacher for access to the website.

Some Schools will allow a Parent to change the filtering access. 

How to Get Access 

Here is how to ask your Parent for access to this website. 

From your web browser: 

  2. Let your Parent know why you want access (optional)
    Click REQUEST
  3. You will see Access request sent

The next step is done by your Parent. If your Parent needs help, here is how they approve your Request for Access to the website.

Keep in mind, your Parent can limit access to Play, Study, School or Sleep time.  You will be able to open the website during the allowed times.