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 Change Your Child's Daily Routine in the iOS App
How do you change your Child's default daily schedule for School days or Rest days? Premium Members can edit the time of day for Child's Routine for Play, School, Study, and Sleep from the iOS app.
 Change a School Day to a Rest Day in the iOS App
How do you turn on or off the type of activities your child can access? Premium Members can quickly adjust the filtering and blocking by time of day, calendar day or category using these steps.
Add a School Vacation to the Calendar in the iOS App
How do you add a series of vacation days to a Child's Calendar. Premium Members can change a Child's access to the Rest Day Routine for a series of days by setting the start date and the end date.
Kids Ask for More Time on an iOS Device
How do kids handle the notification when their web access time is about to run out? Kids of Premium Members can tap on the time's up message to request more time from their Parents.