Install on a Parent's iPhone or iPad

Applies to: Insights and Premium Members

Parent's device: Apple iPhone or iPad

Install Family Zone for Parents

Family Zone lets kids be kids - and empowers parents to be parents. The Parent version of the Connect App must be installed and set up before you install Connect on any of your Child's devices.

Get Connect in the App Store

On your iPhone or iPad:

  1. In the App Store, search for Family Zone Connect 
    Tap on the Family Zone icon 
  2. Tap the download icon 
  3. After the download is complete, tap OPEN 

Sign Into Your Account

  1. Tap Sign in
  2. Review our legal documents, then tap Next
  3. Type your account email address and password, then tap Sign in
  4. Tap Parent, for who will be using the device
  5. Tap Allow, to allow the Connect app to send notifications
  6. Tap Next twice on the information carousel, then Done

Add Your Child's Details

Use the steps below to add a child to your Family Zone account.

  1. Tap + Child in the top right of screen
  2. Type in your Child's First and Last Name
  3.  Tap in the Date of Birth
  4. Select the day, month and year of your Child's birthday
  5. Tap Next
  6. Tap Done 

You are done installing the Parent's app. 

Add Your Child's Devices

Family Zone provides a complete cyber safety solution for your family across every device, everywhere. To add your Child's devices, install Connect on their phone, tablet or computer. 

Web activity on your Child's Devices will show up in your Connect App as soon as the install is done. 

Cyber safety on every device, everywhere